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I need an API to be created.

I have a database (see attached database extract) which will need to be accessed via a website or web app.

Able to provide any further information as required.

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Dan M.
Joined Jun 2016
Submitted 15 Jun 2016 at 01:07
Expired 2 years ago
Bidding guide $250 - $750
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Bilal Abdeen

It is a bit difficult to provide an estimate in absence of enough information. Consequently, I will provide you with an hourly rate. I have more than 20 years of IT expeience, including working as a senior consultant for big Australian organisations. Please, feel free to check my linkedin profile. linkedin.com/in/BilalAbdeen

Deliver in 15 days

Hi Dan,

I am an expert PHP backend and frontend developer, and i have worked before and currently working on some of the best cutting edge tools and technologies for web development. I am based in Adelaide Australia. always available over phone and email to respond to your concerns. Your requirements seem fairly simple and i am confident that i can product a quality application in the quoted time.

I can develop RESTFul API's using Yii2 framework, can provide you references to mobile apps that are currently using the API's i have developed.


Deliver in 10 days
Freelance Developer

Well totally my job, I have done it so many times, I am available asap. Though you haven't provided details of how big database to estimate properly, so cost will vary little bit, it might also decrease if work is less.

Deliver in 10 days
Trac Envision

Hi Dan, I am definitely able to help you out. I have worked on several projects ranging from Website Development to Mobile Application development. I would like to discuss further about this opportunity in detail. Have a look on my website for more detailed information about my varied portfolio - http://tracenvision.com/

Looking forward to speak to you soon !

Deliver in 10 days

Hello Dan

Worked over the API solution for many Mobile apps and easy to go with your solution also.Connect with me for any further query


Deliver in 7 days
James Vince

I will write a RESTful PHP API for CRUD (Create Read Update and Delete) functions on your database.

Deliver in 10 days

First of all, your attached file cannot be downloaded. And before bidding I need to ask few questions. Do you want to build a RESTful API? Will it be multi threaded? Is it OK, if I develop it in C#.Net?

I have tons of experience of building API. In fact I am working at a Sydney software company and exactly doing the same thing.

And I need to build my profile in OzLance. So I am determined to give you the best performance.

Thanks, Arefin

Deliver in 5 days
anjeko software
  1. I am unable to download your zip file.
  2. All PHP CRUD work is possible
  3. Sample of excellent web based database app CRUD is available for you for testing
  4. BI functionality can be developed is required
Deliver in 15 days

Hi Dan,

we have more than 4 years of work experience working on web applications. Please let me know details of this I would love to help you.

Deliver in 20 days

Dear Dan,

as long as you are in the PHP world and no preferable software you have, I have recommended laravel lumen. which is the fastest api in PHP world, you can also use ruby if u like.

I have done many REST API before, using symfony, code igniter, Yii, laravel, zend and custom build.

API was used for mobile app: http://elluminati.com.au/products/ and web : http://www.softclouds.net/projects/ also currently with custome build web app: cubedesk.com.au

Hope we could meet on online or in person and discuss further details.

Best regards,


Deliver in 10 days

I am experienced systems architect and senior developer. Here is my profile in LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/sisolyatin

I can architect and develop your API as RESTful OData compliant API in NodeJS, Entity Framework (EF) or Web API (.NET).

Deliver in 10 days

Hi Dan,

I can' t give an exact figure as need more clarification on requirements and what exactly you want to achieve. But I can provide you the enterprise quality solution with stable technologies.

I can provide the solution in the following technologies:

  • Java (Spring Boot framework, jpa, java8 and related technologies)
  • Automated Unit and integration test suite - for more robust and error free solution (to save cost and effort in production related defects). Test the solution from different possible scenarios
  • Provide continuous integration environment setup if required to have the build status

I am based in Melbourne and extensive experience in financial industry.

Thanks, Riz

Estimated 20 hours
Brett Hollander Sydney

Hi there, your .zip link is not reachable.

Jan Klan

I second that 404 error.

Responsiv Internet

Fixed it. Try again

Jan Klan

Dan M,

  • what functions shall the API provide?
  • does it have to be PHP&Laravel?

Feel free to call me at 0498 559 736 so we can sort all techy things. I think no reliable quotes can be made with the current information level.

Last updated 2 years ago
Perceptive Mind

Yeah I can't open the link as well.

Bilal Abdeen
  1. It seems that the attached file is corrupted.
  2. In addition to the information about the database, more information about the API functionality is required. For example, you probably need to add, delete and edit records. Are there other requirements?
Dan M.

Sorry about that, not sure why the link is not working. I've loaded another version of the file using a different zip method. Hope this works. (Inside the zip file is an Excell sheet which can't be uploaded directly without being zipped).


Hi Dan,

You Zip file is still not accessible, if possible could you please forward it to uzair.masood@flexableapps.com, alternatively please feel free to call me anytime to discuss further.



Hi Dan,

Just tried again can't open the zip. Is that possible to explain the requirements or call me 0415166716.


DS Webtech

Hi Dan,

I can't open the attachment.

Happy to discuss regarding your project on phone, please provide your contact details or email me at vijay@dswebtech.com.au

Vijay 0419011754

Responsiv Internet

Attachment issues have been fixed. Sorry about that.


Still the zip file seems corrupted. Can you please check once?

Jan Klan

dev-mb:Downloads jan$ unzip 5761d2499c8ed653618779.zip Archive: 5761d2499c8ed653618779.zip skipping: Hilda infograph data_extract.xlsx need PK compat. v4.6 (can do v2.1)

... Still no success.

Warpspace IT

Hi, Dan. Do you wish to present the data to people via their browser, or do you have an existing or proposed program that needs to contact a server via an API and access the data? If it's the latter, will the data change often? (If not, it's probably better to just include it with your app as a "no SQL" database or with an embedded SQL engine called SQLite that stores all its tables in one file.)