App Designer For Football Tipping Competition

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I am seeking a developer to assist in creating a sporting tipping competition application/website. This application will allow the user to –

  • Create their own competition with friends and family
  • Join competitions that they have been invited to
  • Choose how the correct tips are scored
  • View the site ladder, their competition’s ladder, and any ladder their involved in
  • Feature their increase/decrease in position on a daily basis
  • View who their competitors have tipped after the commencement of the sporting game
  • Tip on multiple sports within the same competition
  • The interface is clear, easy, and reliable to use
  • The ability to sign in through different accounts (Facebook, email, etc.)
  • The ability to pay for their competition entry fees (if applicable)
  • The ability to create application notifications for reminders and reviews This will be a start-up investment that I would require regular maintenance and updates. I will be seeking to trial the application as soon as possible to iron out any issues prior to the commencement of the Australian 2021 sport season beginning (February).
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Submitted 17 Sep 2020 at 02:30
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I have a team of experienced developer in both web and mobile application. We have already delivered a number of websites, web applications, mobile apps across multiple customer and countries. Please Let me know know if you want to have a look on any of my work to build a trust and we can start ASAP.

We are also assuring you that we can deliver this project within the timeline which you informed.

Thanks, Sunil Email:

Estimated 500 hours

Hi Jacob, I hope you are well. I have has a look at this and I would be really happy to provide you with a cost. I do have alot of questions to help me and it would be great to have a chat. would you be open to a phone call to discuss?