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I am working on a very new start up business. I would like to develop a mobile app that will be primarily a journal tool - i.e. the user can upload photos and add notes with automated or manual date entries logged on the app. I'd like there to be multiple profiles available within the app (i.e. Child 1, Child 2, Child 3). Finally, I'd like the user to be able to export out the data somehow, so that they can use it for other things (e.g. they can download a file and use this to create a physical journal or a sign with the timeline of entries / photos etc). Long term, having the user able to log into their account on the website and create custom products via my business would also be something I'd like to develop too, but I suspect that is a much larger project.

I have lots of ideas for how to expand the app functions, but if I could get this started as the core, I'd be really happy. I don't have any experience in this area, so I'd welcome guidance along the way. Certainly, if I can actually make the business successful and there is room for expansion then we can look at further development together.

I'm based on Brisbane Northside. Would love to find someone close to that area if possible, but certainly not essential.

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