Assess existing WordPress site, advice to improve marketing. Hourly rate.

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My existing website has recently been overhauled. Now I need someone creative and competent to assess the site, and advise how to increase traffic and make any improvements necessary. I am a pensioner, based in Ocean Reef WA. I'm also an IT dummy with no coding capabilities!

If you've seen my website, I am a writer so have no need for a content writer. The skills I require are those who can recognise and understand, for example, that I'm unable to update the video on my Home Page. or that the image is missing from my Subscription box on the Home Page.

And similar obvious issues with my site.

Surely there is someone out there who is able to assist me?

Thank you,


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Adrian C.
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Submitted 25 Aug 2020 at 05:18
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Hey Adrian I am skilled in online content writing and optimising SEO. I'm no web developer, but I know my way around the back end of a website enough to create content and have it optimised.

Cheers (estimated cost is rough as it depends how much work is needed and how much you want done)

Deliver in 2 days
The Next Rex

I will fix your WordPress issues. Add a favicon. Increase Page speed. SEO Optimise your website. Update your video and whatever small bug you need. I will also fix your SSL not a secure issue on your website.

Deliver in 2 days

Hi Adrian

Greetings from Digitalrooar!

We can certainly assist you in your website improvement and Social media marketing.

We do have in house Digital marketers who will analysis your website and will find the errors and suggestion to make it SEO friendly website which is must for Google SERP and to increase website traffic.

There are many way we can increase the traffic.

  1. SEO Search engine optimization. Improve website visibility by optimizing google Search engine and algorithms. This is required regular efforts and needs 4 to 5 months to bring your website up on first page of google on more than 10 keywords.

  2. Paid Marketing: We need to increase the brand awareness of adrianchambersmotorsports,

To do this we need to run some paid Campaign either facebook or Google

We want to understand your website concept and how you are aiming people to come on your website ?

I see that i can advertise my content through you adrianchambersmotorsports ,

but where it will be shown ?

Basically i want to understand your business concept and accordingly i can assist you further.

Let's connect and discuss it further

please send me your email or phone number and we will discuss it further.

you can reach me at chintan at digitalrooar com dot au

Deliver in 1 day
Freelance Programmer

Hi Adrian, I am willing to help you on technical aspect of your website. Been done several Wordpress website.

Estimated 20 hours