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Remote (anywhere)
Freelance / Casual
Requested by
Nigel M.
Joined Jun 2021
Submitted 10 Jun 2021 at 04:23
Expired 10 months ago

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kathy folino

Hi Nigel, could i please have more detail... is it home based? On the road? Full time? Data entry? Etc. I have phone experience, and computer experience- Microsoft. Thanks

Nigel M.

It's anywhere based. With the 2,000+ videos I've recorded so far, I've done them sitting in my car on the side of the road, while waiting to pick the kids up from school, while I'm walking the dog, walking around my house / office etc etc. It's simply picking the phone up and recording a video just like I showed in the example.

It doesn't matter where you are to record the videos.

Casual at the moment, there's around 50 videos to record each week.

With each video taking about 1-2 minutes, that's only about 1-2 hours of work each week to start with your mobile phone and then maybe another 2 hours in front of a computer welcoming people inside our Community.

If the role progresses into helping with our customer service team as well, that would extend to another few hours each week.