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Hi, I sell remote field cameras that send images automatically via FTP over 4G. Requesting a new site that can store and file these images into individual user folders. Users can log-in with their unique email/password that takes them to their private folder that will now contain the images from their camera. Access from mobile and desktop.

Suggestions are to use PHP Symfony or similar for the backend and basic Bootstrap (no theme). Admin dashboard for the user management - eg sonata or equivalent. Web hosting aiming for less than $50/month for 1,000 GB but let me know options (says 100 GB in pdf but should be 1,000).

Please see pdf attached for illustration and further details on this build. If you have built similar projects please share, or relevant experience. The cameras will be purchased from my e-commerce site:, so the "Order Now" button in pdf mock-up will just link to the current camera product page on my e-commerce site.

Thanks, Greg.

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Greg D.
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LampDatabase Australia

I have over 20 years of managing Linux servers and writing software in multiple languages. I would suggest a Vultr VPS with a de-duplicated offsite backup for data security. You can store 1TB in block storage for about $40 per month, the VPS itself would cost around $10 per month. A yearly 300GB backup (1 TB de-duplicated) would come in under $100 for the year. I generally code PHP without the use of any frameworks as it creates a more robust solution without dependencies, but I can use any framework if you so wish. The PHP admin and client area would be bespoke and would allow you to perform the functions you need. The Linux VPS would run an FTP server that you would configure via the created PHP Admin Panel. I'm assuming no more that 50 concurrent users for this server. A VPS is easy to scale as you grow.

All the best,


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Zkythers Solutions

Hi, I have built a similar type of application with mobile and web applications. Therefore I set my budget and the time bit lower. If you are interested in please contact us. Even if you need to see our existing solutions' demo we can do that. We are based in Melbourne.

Doing the best!

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[Deleted user]

Hello Greg I am read project description your requirement is capture images and upload automatically in server. I want meeting with you. So waiting for your reply to discuss more about the project. Regards Arvind Kumar

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Hi, Happy to assist you.

Regards Think Based

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We have 20 years experience developing this type of software. We will design, develop and deploy the solution 100% Payment when completed


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Hello Greg,

I am a freelance web developer based in Melbourne. I have over 10 years of experience working in the Web industry. I work for creative agencies around Melbourne mostly, but have recently started taking on freelance work here to build a client base for my startup company. You can find a list of services I offer here:

I worked on a project very similar to yours before, (main site: So I am quite familiar with tasks you have mentioned, the main challenge or difference with your project would be the automatic uploads from cameras into the website via ftp. I can definitely setup the storage space and the website server for this in under $50/month. I will code the app in Laravel which is the best PHP Symphony framework in the industry at the moment. The site itself would be a simple responsive dashboard design as you have sketched out in your document, it will accessible from any device and screen size. I will work out the best strategy for creating files and folder structure for images for each user. I will implement it in a way that requires minimal action from your end(we can also discuss automating user account creation if you like. I would need more info on your current website for this). All site users will also be able to perform standard account management functionalities such as updating their details, password resets, etc.

I have read attached document and fully understand what you are expecting from this project. I am very keen to take on this project for you and would like to discuss it further. I look forward to your response, Thank you!

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Kira Raj

Hello Greg, Good thing is I am not only a developer but also a Photographer by passion and I use the cameras for clicking photos of various things and events. I completely understand the requirement and would be able to provide you the best solutions. I have experience of 7+ years in web development & designing and I have been focusing on the technologies like PHP, WordPress, Shopify, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Woo-commerce, etc.

Let me know if we can connect and discuss this further.

Regards, Kiran

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DataLinks Pty Ltd


We have experience of building such a system for 2 clients. The difference with past projects was that the uploaded files were videos instead of images. We have used C#.Net and C++ to do these projects. If you'd like to use PHP based framework like Laravel or Symfony I have a team for it as well. The options for uploading files are S3 on Amazon, Dropbox. Both work well and depends on the cost and future need of your business.

For this project we looking to images that is entirely possible with the skillset and experience we already have. I would like to have better understanding about how to communicate with the cameras and whether there is a limit/clarity on the size of images or we can assume any size image?

Also based on my understanding you are looking to manage sub domains as well - would you like the system to create the sub domains or would it be done manually?

The project is within our expertise however we need a detailed discussion to list out all the user stories within JIRA so we have the scope crystal clear. The estimates given are high level and may require revision.

Would you be providing the design and graphics of the website?

I look forward to hear from you. Please reach out to me any time.

Regards, Datalinks team

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Freelance Developer

Hi Greg,

I know this is bit late and you might have already gotten someone for this project. But if you are still looking for reliable and professional person to help you out. Lets talk.

I would suggest to use PHP Laravel if you insist on using PHP.

We can create simple mobile application too as I can see you have mentioned.

We can use S3 storage for saving images on server. It is pretty cost effective have a look here:

Other thing that can be used and is cheap and fast is Google FireStorage.

I have been using Google Storage for saving images for place where I provide software development services now. We also use S3 as PDF storage. We do what you said you want to do but with obviously that is just one part of our current product. To be fair to provide you 100% accurate information I will have to discuss with you every feature in detail as we need to be on same page before making any commitments.

I wish you best of luck and success in completing this project.

Contact me anytime, I am in Sydney.

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Kuldeep Padaliya

Interesting project. I am interested to build your site if i can get some more detail as pdf just says basics details.

Last updated 3 years ago

Hi Greg, I’m interested in your project, it would be great if you could pass on some contact details such as email address and contact number so we can discuss further. Otherwise you can send me a email at and we can get chatting from there.