Building web system using existing infrastructure app for nutritional plans

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Currently have an internal app built in vaadin framework and require someone to take m the project to continue developing - PLEASE advise your email so I can contact you as they have disabled the ability to contact you via this.

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Elise c.
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David Impey - Web & App Developer

Hi Elise,

I am a Full Stack developer with over 20 years' experience working with a multitude of technologies, including 10 years working with Java and recent experience working on a PWA. I have worked on a large mixture of freelance web projects and am quick to get up and running with new teams and technologies whilst also having an eye for detail and strong abilities in responsive design and development. I am a great communicator and would be happy to have an initial chat to find out what work you require so I could more accurately estimate the time needed. My email is if you have any more information you could send over.

Kind regards David

Estimated 1 hour
Bode Contagion

Hi Elise,

I hope this reaches you well. I'd be happy to take a look at your enquiry and get in touch with you if you still haven't found someone.

You can reach us on our email address at

In the email, just state that you are from Ozlance and attach any project relevant information.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,


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Developer - Ranisa Gupta

Hi I have experience working as a Software Engineer with one of the top-notch IT industry Dell havinf relevant and required experience which would be great for this project.

Reach out to me @

Estimated 12 hours

Dear Elise,

I am a professional fullstack engineer with more than 5 years of experience with large scale industry level projects. I have built up range of applications relating to domains of the stock market, Human resource management and access control in different countries. I have also worked on large scale cakePHP projects so that I will be able to quickly understand your project structure. My primary experience is NodeJS, javascript, typescript python and AWS with serverless. I am open to convert this app to other more scalable cloud based tech stack applying best software engineering principles. If you are interested please let me know we can discuss this further.

Thank you !

Deliver in 30 days

I have developed My free diet a health and nutrition website. The website provided custom built recipes, nutrition and exercises.

Also based on your requirements, I have over 5 years experience on Springboot which is necessary for Vaadin as needed. Java and Springboot will definitely help to provide you UI as required.

Also following sre my technical capabilities:

Excellent hold on MVC, hibernet, JPA, Spring Security

For Databases: MySQL Sql server Postgres

Version control systems: GIT SVN Bitbucket Gitlab

Based on your requirements, I can be a helpful resourceful peraon for you who can fulfill all your application needs.

Hope to get response from you on my skills.

Estimated 50 hours
Intuition SofTech Australia

Hi Elise, Thanks for inviting me to bid on your project. I have been involved in many app development project and I am happy to take over your current project and continue development. I am familiar with Vaadin framework as its based on Java and we have expertise in Java development. Your app is also progressive Web app and we have expertise in that too. We can talk over the phone or via email. I would like to know more about your project and its current status. Let me know how to proceed. You can send me the brief over my email: Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards: Steve

Deliver in 21 days

Hi Elise,

I am interested to work on this project would like to know more details.

Please let me know when is the best time to discuss this project.


Estimated 40 hours


Can you provide more details related to your project?

I can definitely help you with you app.


Hi Elise, I’m interested in your project, it would be great if you could pass on some contact details such as email address and contact number so we can discuss further. Otherwise you can send me a email at and we can get chatting from there. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Josh

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Virtual SupportSoft PLC

HI Elise,Please suggest when we can discuss it further .