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Hi, I recently started up my own business and to date have been operating on the basis of word of mouth. I'm overdue in having a website, that people can find and that I can point people to.

I have secured a (website) domain name and I've written a lot of content (say 80% of what I intend to write) but am conscious that I could keep doing this forever at the expense of having something out there. I'm an experienced professional with an Engineering background and beleive I write quite well, however the way I write may be ok for fellow Engineering professionals but not necessarily for my target audience. My Business is in the domestic building and renovating industry and my target audience/ clients are domestic property owners. To this end, I require someone that can take what I have written and convert it into clients for my business.

As I have not completed my content, I would need the ability for additional content to be added later. Ideally, I will draft the remaining 20% of content in parallel to the works you as the freelancer/s will be doing and you will incorporate this into the website once it is completed. Thereafter, I require the ability to make changes on an ongoing basis.

I also require someone to develop my website in a way that again will lead to clients. i.e. similar to improving the written content, I need an expert who can optimise the visual / marketing aspect (format, layout, structure, images, etc.)

I don't yet have a logo (and font for the name) for my business. Having said that, I have an idea for a logo that I would like someone to build on, that again will maximise clients for my business. Having said this, I am open to other fresh ideas. As you have probably figured, I will go with whatever logo contributes to the maximisation of clients for my business.

I also need someone to maximise the traffic to my website (so they can see and 'buy' all of the abovementioned content).

Related to the above, I require business email addresses to be set-up that correspond with my domain name.

I also require someone that can address:

  • advertising (e.g. Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, etc.)
  • other social media marketing campaigns (e.g. Facebook groups, etc.)
  • business stationery (inc. letterheads, business cards, etc.)
  • paper marketing material (inc. flyers for letterbox drop)
  • signage design/ development (inc. car signage, home office signage, site signage (at current client's sites, etc.)

If there was one freelancer out there that was the guru in all of the areas described, that would be great, however I would rather have a number of gurus (for each respective aspect) rather than a 'jack of all trades but master of none'.

I have a preference for Victorian freelancers, failing that Australian freelancers from other states/ territories. These are preferences, not absolute requirements. I'm just thinking face to face may simplify things...?

Look forward to seeing who's out there.

Thanks and best regards

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Nick K.
Joined Mar 2017
Submitted 7 Mar 2017 at 09:20
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Claire Harris

What kind of $$ are you offering?

Nick K.

Hi Claire, It depends on the services provided. Thanks, Nick

Last updated 7 years ago
Damien Brennan

Hi Nick, really interested in the job and believe I can help with the majority of the work you need done. I also have a background writing and developing content and web pages for the engineering profession. Just a couple of questions; 1 regarding the website, how many pages do you expect to have? 2 Have you maximised the content you have written for SEO purposes? This is the number one key to traffic to your website 3 have you thought about email marketing?

I would love to have a more detailed discussion regarding this. You can contact me on to arrange a suitable time.

Thanks Damien