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Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Freelance / Casual

I have a list of inspectors and phone numbers. I have a script. I want a Brisbane area local to call the list . Here is the script

Hello, I am working for Kurt Shafer, a home inspector in the Unites States. Do you have 2 minutes to talk?

(you might be asked "about what"? - just launch into this.

He is making extra money with each inspection by simply asking the buyers if they would like more information about whole house fans, solar systems, and home security systems. Most home buyers are eager to get more information.

Does your inspection company have any added income programs like this? (wait for answer - they likely will not)

Then ask "Can I send you details on this program that can add $1000 more each month for each inspector you have?"

If no, don't press it. If yes, get email address and the name of the owner or top inspector or both.

So that is all. Record the result in your data base and go on to the next.

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Kurt S.
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