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Cashback Project Scope Form Project Title: Cashback website + ios & android app Project Leader/Manager: N/A Anticipated Project Start Date: ASAP Sponsor: Sabih Khan Project Risk Level: Medium
Estimated Completion Date: 3-4 weeks Purpose of Project: • Give customers cashback for each purchase they make from 3rd party vendors when going through my website and app. • Customers have the benefit of accumulating cashback from each purchase they make through my website.

Background: (a sampling of key deliverables) • Step 1: Customers register their details & sign up using their email address and create a password. • Step 2: Once customer has registered successfully, customer can now start shopping. • Step 3: Customer has access to over 500+ stores through my website & app which now offer him/her cashback. • Step 4: Customer clicks through to one of the vendors listed on my website e.g Amazon. Another popup/tile appears informing customer they will be transferred to the vendor website where if they make purchase, they will receive X%/$X cashback • Step 5: Customer makes a purchase on Amazon • Step 6: Once purchase is made, the % or $ cashback figure is added to the customers cashback balance as pending. • Step 7: When x number of days have passed, then the cashback can be changed to confirmed. • Step 8: Once customer has $X, they can choose to withdraw the cash into their bank account or paypal account.

Features of website & app including but not limited to: A) General landing & home page: • Customer registration form • Search function to search for stores or categories • How to earn cashback steps • Refer a friend and earn $X bonus cashback added to account • Highest cashback offer tiles • Store Categories (Popular, Fashion, Food and drinks, Technology, Travel etc) • Featured brands (e.g. Ebay, Amazon, Walmart etc) • Contact for enquiries form • FAQs • Customer selects the country they are from e.g. Australia/ USA/Canada and the website shows the stores for that particular region or auto detection of where customer is logging into the website from and shows stores from that country only.

B) Customer Profile page: • Current customer balance available for withdrawal • Pending earnings (as they haven’t met the refund days policy from the 3rd party vendor yet) e.g. the store Model Co allows 30 days to return product and will provide refund so I can’t approve the customers cashback until 30 days have passed for Model Co or the store Sephora allows 90 days to return product so I cant provide cashback until 90 days have passed for Sephora. Each store will have its own refund policy. • Customers historical withdrawn amount • Customers historical cashback activity • Customers can withdraw all or part of their total cashback balance to either a bank account or paypal account

C) Backend: • All things that are needed to process the above requirements • Ability for admin to process cashback payments and approve payments in bulk preferably • Admin to be able to change the stores to present on the main page of website e.g one day have Amazon and Ebay and then next day change this to Alibaba and walmart • Have ability to change the cashback %/$ for each 3rd party vendor on my website • Ability to add more stores in the future on my website and categorise them by country

D) Other things for consideration: • SEO optimization: Website should be very highly optimized for SEO best practise. • IOS & Android APP functionality to provide push notifications. • Capability to send newsletters to customers. • Source code availability: Would like me to have access to the source code and if possible to amend by me. • Clear landing pages. • Website to be mostly built on large tiles: Tiles to hover from right to left and shop categories to be on tiles in general. • Desktop resolution optimized • Open source system preferred • Easy customisable content once built.

Operations & Support: • Front end design: I need to be heavily involved in this piece and will likely help design the website and app according to my requirements however will need assistance with best strategy from website designers. • Back end design: I want some involvement in this and some input but happy to be led by the experts i.e. yourself. • Domain and host: I have the domain and webhost already set up on Bluehost so can provide this to you.

Disclaimer: The above scope is high level and there will be a lot more thinking to be done once the project starts and steps which may have been missed so please keep this in mind when reading the details above.

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Hi mate As an Fullstack Developer (Backend, Frontend, Mobile App) with 17 professional years experiences. In consideration of your posting, I’m confident my skills and background align perfectly with the requirements of this role. Definitely i will sign a NDA. Im based in Sydney and very easy for us face to face discuss any issue you have now.

Estimated 1 hour

I am a fullstack developer with more than 15 years experience. I guess I am a good fit for this task

Deliver in 30 days
Kira Raj

Hello Sabih, How are you doing?

I have gone through the details which you have provided and I want to express my interest in this job as I would be the perfect fit for this project. I have experience of 7 years of app and web development and I have developed myself to be at the cutting edge of the industry. Let me know if we can connect and discuss more my background & qualification and how can give you my input to make this even better project.

Estimated 480 hours