Commercial P&L reporting (Logistics)

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Hi all,

I'm looking for an experienced Commercial analyst, financial person that understands P&L's and the key drivers of actuals vs Budgets and can provide intelligent insight.

Someone that has experience with P&L reporting to a director level and understands the following

Revenue Cost of sales Gross Profit Expenses GP% EBITDA% PBT%

Labour analysis vs revenue ratio's around Storage and handling costs etc

Someone with an operational background perhaps.

I have all the information i just need someone to develop the insight to Monthly P&L results


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Bidding guide $750 - $1500
Average bid $775.00

bs consulting

I am an experienced Business, Logistics and Supply Analyst that has provided Financial Analysis and Logistic and Inventory Planning and Forecasting to the utilities sector, to 3PL logistics providers in road transport, as well as to manufacturers and importers.

I generally develop and use Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and Access Databases for modelling purposes and program in Visual basic for Applications and SQL. I also have a good working knowledge of C++, PHP, HTML and Javascript.

I have allowed and quoted $40.00 an hour as an ongoing rate. I believe, however, the scope of your analysis may well change as results begin to come in. I look forward to hearing from you. To contact me feel free to use my email.

Estimated 5 hours
Sole trader

I am a CPA and have years of experience in not only Australian but also global financial reporting (USA, Europe and Asia). Having worked with one of the largest billion dollar organisations in Strategy and Business Intelligence area; I can deliver the project not only with a high quality work, but before any deadline while ensuring the model aligns with your overall business strategy and vision. Building reliable, but user friendly financial models is something that I have been doing for years from MS- Excel to PowerBI dashboards.

I have been working with McKinsey team (one of the largest consulting firm) and one of the largest organisation in QLD, in enterprise analytics and business intelligence areas.

How business can drive the operational efficiencies while managing their overheads and also being aligned with the business strategy and legal obligations is something that I translate into the financial modelling and analysis. If you are looking for someone who is professional, highly skilled within Australia then I would be the person for you.

Estimated 10 hours
N K Business Consulting

Hi, I am an experienced CA qualified professional who has worked within the Industrial, FMCG, and Retail sectors. My key areas of expertise are in providing commercial analysis and insights, business process improvements, logistics analysis and preparation of presentation for the board.

I will provide analysis and draw key insights from the data and develop standard summarised reports for the director/board. I will also analyse key trends by looking at historical information and develop forecasting tool in MS Excel and as well as develop a standard template for your director reports.

I have worked across multiple international organisations both here in Australia and abroad in senior roles. In addition to requested task, I believe I can add value to your business through developing operational efficiencies. I look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0478084519.

Estimated 15 hours
Lithium Consulting

Hello – this is my first ever bid on this site. I work as a strategy consultant and provide consulting services plus business health check for revenue generating SME companies – I am sector agnostic with over 30 years experience in the financial sector and banking having worked across all industry sectors.

I under your scope is a review of your current financial position – estimate budget: initial consultant & discussion 1-2 hour, review of business 3-4 hours, develop report & recommendations 2-3 hours; closing meeting – 1 hour. Total estimate (depends on size of business) = 7-10 hours

Estimated 10 hours
MKH associates.

Currently consulting as CFO for a number of companies I am capable of completing all of your requests and more. Industry experience working for various clients delivering KPIs and useful information to directors and owners explaining financial outcomes. Feel free to review my LinkedIn profile,

Estimated 10 hours