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We are an male escort agency that require a content/creative writer/editor for our website, newsletter and ads.

You will be required to not only produce/review content for our website and ads, explaining the escorts and their services, but also write for our newsletter that will have creative romance material, think along the lines of 50 shades of grey, and edit reviews from cities, hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and more.

The newsletter is still be throughly thought about therefore the writer will also be expected to give ideas and suggestions to what include to make the newsletter truely unique. They will have a huge chance to make an impact.

The writer will have to be located in one of Australia's major cities where they will be required to go to meetings if needed.

The writer will be paid per hour of work and it will be ongoing as all content is updated regularly.

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Zac H.
Joined Jan 2017
Submitted 24 Jan 2017 at 21:20
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Bidding guide $25 - $50/hr
Average bid $301.32

Nothing Suss Virtual Assistant

Hi Zac,

I'm an experienced copywriter and digital marketer based in Perth, Western Australia. I work as a freelancer writing copy for websites, increasing SEO, managing social media, ads and tweaking and redesigning websites. I have previous experience writing newsletters for non-profit local companies, and hold a Bachelor's in Communications and Media, major: journalism.

I'd love to help out.



Estimated 1 hour
[Deleted user]

Hi Zac, I am a Professional and Creative Writing Student at Deakin University. I have excellent descriptive skills and am genuinely interested in the opportunity to write for you.
I live in Geelong which is a short train ride from Melbourne and I am happy to travel in, for any required meetings. I have experience writing a newsletter for the International Detention Coaltion, and while that may have been a little more PG 13, I am perfect for the job. I am constantly writing poetry and short stories, you can check out my Instagram page @gittahodgetts, or my website, for proof. My website is still in it's growing stages but it has a few short stories on there than can help sell my abilities. I have an incredible imagination, it's always running away with me and as a young girl, I can write fantasy scenarios for you, that your client base will want to hear. I know what your clients want to read because I think about it so often myself. I can also design the graphics of the newsletter so that it appears sexy and provocative from the get go. I would love discuss the possibilities of this task with you over the phone. Gitta

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John Noonan

I am a freelance writer and contingent Proposals Coordinator for an engineering consultancy in Melbourne CBD. I am a regular contributor to, which means I know a thing or two about story telling and the key to a eye catching copy.

My experience of over nearly 15 years as an intricate member of administration teams has seen me interact with everyone from mature students to senior engineers to filmmakers, and even briefly the Mayor of Manchester. I pride myself on being able to quickly build relationships with people from all walks of life. Having worked in the bid industry, it is not uncommon to work with a different team on each new bid. As such, I need to build an instant rapport to ensure the team trusts me to help them. Both bids for CH2M and copy for FilmInk come with their own deadlines. Even the best project management can involve working under pressure. These deadlines can often be inescapable and are a direct result of outside influences. I find on these occasions is it beneficial to review the workload and prioritize as needed.

My previous company underwent a rebranding exercise for which I was identified as Brand Ambassador. This meant that in addition to my usual workload, I was required to attend numerous meeting to work out the best methodology to a quick and successful brand rollout. Working with HR, the office managers and Quality Manager, we were able to reassure our colleagues about the future of the brand and how it benefits them. I have a degree in Linguistics and a certificate in Freelance Journalism. I’m also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and The Australian Films Critic Association. I am presently working my way to BA in Communications.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

Estimated 1 hour
LJ Admin Solutions

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing my work life has revolved around writing documentation for companies to present to potential clients. I feel this role would suit me well as it's something I enjoy doing and it would be a nice change to write about something a little different for once :)

Estimated 1 hour
[Deleted user]

Hi Zac,

Love the ad!

Having previously worked and edited for Australia's leading romance publisher, Harlequin, I have an excellent understanding (and interest in) romance and erotica. Also having worked for Pacific Magazines on many of their titles and websites, I have experience in article writing and web content production.

I'm new to the site but I have years of experience content producing and editing for major companies, small businesses and individuals.

I'm located in Sydney and would love to use my skills on such an great project. I'm fun, efficient and have a lot of ideas I'd be happy to share!

Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you're interested.

Best and kindest, Rebecca

Estimated 1 hour

Hello there, I am Perth-based digital copywriter with experience in online promotions, SEO content articles, website content and online editing. I currently write SEO content for an agency across a variety of industries as well as creative content for a digital lifestyle magazine with a target demographic of 25 to 40 year old women. I am creative, highly organised, and don't mind pushing the boundary when it comes to salacious content, you could say it's my speciality. Not to mention I did spend my younger years reading quality fan fiction or mills and boon related reads.

Deliver in 12 days

Hi Zac,

I have some excellent ideas about what will work for you here, as well as create ongoing interest and business for your agency.

If you want something that your audience will delight in, I'm confident in delivering it.

My background is in social media and a range of written services, with a very unique and memorable edge.

I can provide both the social aspects and more sensual elements you are looking for in this content, written natutally and originally.

Deliver in 7 days
Krafty Presentations & Graphics

Hi Zac,

As a freelance web designer of more than 20 years I know and understand how content needs to be written on the web. It doesn't just need to sound good it needs to be optimised for search engines. Writing for the web is different to writing a story on a blog, both need to read well but search engines don't read like humans and the same hooks needed for human readers are not what search engines need, they need their own hooks. A job like you have on offer needs someone who understands both.

Add in the need for a newsletter and you also need someone who has an understanding of marketing because you have a product to sell and a poorly planned and designed newsletter can severely hamper the product you are selling if it's not made correctly. Products like newsletters sell themselves on how they look well before their content sells them, that means you need someone who understands more than just content and how it's written.

I can do all of that and more. Not only have I been a web designer for more than 20 years, I have created the content for every website I have created. Over the last few years I have spread my wings a little further and I currently have two novel length stories (thriller/murder) with editors and two more nearing completion. I also maintain and write an adult orientated blog with a steady following that is currently running three serial stories (each more than 20,000 words) that gain new followers every day.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Estimated 1 hour
Chloe Papas

Hi Zac, I am a writer and editor with over six years' experience writing, producing and editing content for small and large organisations. I can help out with every aspect of the content production process; from discussing and developing ideas, to writing and editing content, and uploading and reviewing. I am adept at maintaining relationships with stakeholders, innovative when it comes to ideas and themes, and am happy to remain confidential and discreet when needed. I am based in Melbourne, and have flexible availability.

Estimated 1 hour
Elephant Edits

My name is Eleanor, and I’m a mummy, a writer and an editor, living in Perth, Western Australia.

Because life with my two daughters is a magical adventure, I’m inspired every day to write. Through my children’s eyes, I see the world afresh, and on my blog, I share our journey as we find magic in all we do.

Thanks to Kidzabuzz, we’re often out and about, trying out different Perth kids’ activities and blogging about our experience.

When I’m alone, I continue my search for magic. I am writing my first mystery novel, set in Scarborough, Western Australia, during the 1950s.

I have recently contributed to online content publisher, Mum Central, where my articles attracted a good number of shares on social media. Here, I learnt how to write the messages responsible for click-through, how to pitch different article ideas, and how to submit using Trello.

I also run a home-based editing business called Elephant Edits. I have copy-edited several young adult novels, a series of narrative non-fiction books, many academic theses, online articles, and also business website content. Writers I have worked with have found me intuitive, professional, detailed and reliable. Testimonials can be found on my website.

Although I might not seem to fit the mould of a romance or adult writer, I am romantic and I am an adult, so give me a try. And I was young and single once ;)

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about me, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards,

Eleanor Mulder Elephant Edits Giving strength to your words

Estimated 1 hour

Hi. This sounds right up in my alley as I have a big interest in the sex industry and of course also have experience creating and building websites for companies including their digital content. I don't charge for much as this is something I love to do, not because my work isnt worth big bucks.

Let me know :)

Estimated 1 hour
[Deleted user]

Zac, I know just what to do to make your newsletter and website a roaring success.

There are only two brand-focused newsletters my friends and I make sure to read regularly, and I've thought long and hard about what their 'secret sauce' could be. By now, I know that I can re-create it! I would be incredibly excited to work on this with you; if it's commitment you want, you can count me in.

I have impressed a lot of clients with my enticing promotional materials, engaging web content, and powerful creative writing; my work has been shortlisted for national awards and I've never left an employer unsatisfied.

My own erotica pen-name is just about to launch - I can provide samples of this writing if you wish. I'm also based close to Brisbane, and available to attend any meetings there you want me to. In other words, I'm unquestionably the freelancer for you.

Go on. You know you want me ;)

Estimated 10 hours
Kristy Coulcher

Hi Zac I am a professional journalist who knows how to admire the male form. I am quick, witty , engaging and thorough with my writing. I think thisjob would be fun, and I am available as needed.

Estimated 10 hours
Steph Maker

Hi Zac,

I'm a content writer based in Brisbane and I think I can bring a little bit of the x-factor to your agency.

I've worked previously as a journalist, and am currently working on induction materials for the engineering industry. Suffice it to say, I could really bring some energy to something with a little more spice.

I'd look forward to chatting with you to find out a little bit more about what you're looking for from a writer, and how I can best help you. I've put an arbitrary number in the 'Hours' field for my estimated rate - as I'll need some more details to give you a best estimate of how much time I'd devote to you per week, for instance.


Estimated 10 hours
Angels Edge/ Tricia Leanne Snell

Hi Zac,

Bring on the undertakings and allow me to unleash my creativity because your advert described me to the letter. I hold a BComn degree - journalism major, and I work with a diversity of clients, and style guides, on a multitude of project types. In fact, the more fascinating the project, the better. Why? Well, I learn more about the world I'm in, and how to better myself and hone my craft.

I work in a virtual environment and have done so since 2004. So, I’m a team player from the ether who discusses projects with small business through to corporate groups. My day consists of thousands of letters, researching, and reading them, writing, and rearranging. When complete, then it’s time to proof, edit and grammar check, until those words shine like diamonds.

If you’d like to know more about me or wish to view specific samples, then don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always available to discuss project work.

Estimated 10 hours
Emma Crameri

I'm located in Brisbane and available to work on a freelance basis. My LinkedIn profile lists my writing experience I have experience writing reviews and articles for Weekend Notes and Women Love Tech. I wrote email newsletters for Local Tickets in Campaign Monitor. I am happy to provide samples of my work in your field through email.

Estimated 10 hours
Curious Seeds - Creative Consult

Hi Zac,

I read your advert with interest. The skillset I offer, in combination with a sex-positive mindset and lifestyle, would enable me to embrace this role with competence, creativity and enthusiasm.

With my background in theatre and the arts, I’ve worked as both a theatre publicist and reviewer. Writing compelling copy to describe shows and performers means I am well-versed in using language creatively and persuasively – I know how to spin a sexy phrase or tagline! Based in Melbourne, I’m now a published author of fiction, poetry and essays. Three years ago, I also began freelancing as a developmental editor, working predominantly with authors of erotica, erotic romance, and thrillers. I now have a growing “stable” of loyal author-clients.

In another guise, (pseudonyms being both popular and often necessary in the erotica world), I blog about female sexuality, erotica and writing craft. My erotic short stories and poetry have been published in various anthologies (both here and internationally), as well as online sites, such as award-winning femme-porn site, Bright

My blog made the “Top 100 Sex Bloggers” List for 2016, (compiled via nomination by UK sex blogger/ photographer Molly Moore). My most recent story is featured in an erotica anthology focusing on male desire : " For the Men and the Women who Love Them".

I spend most of my week writing, researching, and editing content explicitly focused on desire and sexuality. I’m in my element where writing professionals from more conventional industries may feel challenged or uncomfortable. When I’m not assisting other authors to craft their stories and sex scenes, I’m writing my own stories and articles. My daily social media interactions, connections and collaborations with a readership of independent, lifestyle-diverse, sex-positive women (and men) mean I am already more than familiar with the values and attitudes of your ideal potential clientele. I am also an avid foodie and laneway bar frequenter, and would enjoy editing reviews of this nature.

As this bid is public, I’d rather refer you to more relevant writing samples, my Amazon author page, and my blogsite (all published under my pseudonym) in private correspondence, Zac. My bid is my current hourly rate for content-writing, at an estimate of ten hours per week, but of course I’d need to discuss your requirements in further detail to more accurately assess time commitment for this kind of ongoing work.

I’m already brimming with content ideas for your newsletter, and I’d love to discuss your business vision further – my email is


Estimated 10 hours
[Deleted user]

18 years of marketing experience across lots of industries, skilled at writing for women, content management, building websites and copy. Based in Melbourne. If you need any other mkg work done I can assist, direct mail, emails, social media etc.

Deliver in 14 days
BNW Writing Enterprises

Hello, I'm a fresh writer who's looking to get started freelancing. I have until this point largely written film reviews, and am familiar with style guides and how to adjust tones for different audiences. I also have had a bit of a passion for creative writing in the past, so if you need some more romantic (and humorous) touches put onto your content I'm sure i can provide!

As I'm very new to this, I don't mind charging very little for my services, but don't think that because I'm cheap I won't take this work seriously or perform to the best of my ability.

I'd love to talk more about what specifically you're looking for. Thanks for taking the time to consider me!

Estimated 150 hours
Damien Brennan

Hi Zac.

Interesting project. Just a couple of quick question before I submit a bid - Is the newsletter an email newsletter or print? Also, what kind of ads are you thinking about?

email is

Look forward to hearing from you.