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Perth, WA, Australia
Freelance / Casual

I need a creative writer/ ghostwriter to collaborate on my memoirs I have already started. I Have writer’s block

Love Story

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Monica W.
Joined Mar 2020
Submitted 4 Mar 2020 at 01:30
Expired 2 years ago

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Jonathan Anderson

Hi Monica, Can you please let me know what sort of assistance you are looking for in regards to collaborating on your memoirs. I understand the problem of writers block especially when dealing with love. Do you just need someone to prompt you to help put pen to paper or to take your notes and flesh them out?

Please feel free to call me to discuss. Kind Regards Jonathan

Kate Neeley

Good evening Monica, how would assistance be best delivered to you for this job? I wrote a long reflective journal for an independent university project and received a high mark, perhaps this expertise can allow you to continue writing through the block? happy to discuss.



Smart Start Marketing Solutions

Hello Monica

How exciting for you to be writing your story for future generations to enjoy. I am a published author of numerous books on careers and business. My family asked me to write a memoir for my 97 year old aunt who was also an Ursuline nun. She was an amazing woman who taught music for 50 years to many students who are now famous. She was also an amazing human being. We called the book - a large full colour coffee table sized book - Our Amazing Aunty Pat. I also made the book into an ebook so that all family members could get an inexpensive copy.

I'm not sure where you are up to with your memoir, but here's what I can do to help you: Develop a plan for the book - decide what you want to include in your memoir, sort out relevant photos to add to your story, work out if you'd like tributes from former colleagues or family members, work out if you want to include original letters that have great sentimental value, and so on Write the Table of Contents Decide on how you want the book to look - I suggest you have a look at the coffee table book I wrote for my aunt to see if that is the high quality you are looking for

Please feel free to get back to me if you'd like to have a chat. I don't know your budget, but I remember spending weeks writing my aunt's book.

All the very best

Regards Dawn Richards (Queensland)