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I am a professional photographer and I am in the middle of creating a photo album for my client. This is a photo book or album of George's 1st Birthday party and also some portraits of himself along with his immediate family.

When I do this kind of projects, I usually write some nice words which are appropriate to that event (in this instance - 'Birthday') in between photographs, one on every alternate pages, in no particular order.

For this photo album, I would like to write some real interesting facts/info about George, from his life of past 1 year. I got his parents to write some sentences for me. They have written some facts/milestones from his first year of life, each of them roughly one month apart. Please see the attached file.

My aim is to re-write them in a way to create some 'wow - factor" in readers.

I am planning to insert each sentence in every second or third page, in the given order (open to better ideas)

Dates are given in brackets for reference. But this can be included in the sentences if necessary.

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Hi Majosh I am writing because I'm very interested in your ad. As an writing student I feel that I'm very skilled with writing perscriptiive words and also putting facts into my own words. As a writing student I think it's fair to quote less than others so I'm easy with whatever money you feel is appropriate Thanks heaps

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Leann Yan

I have recently completed a tertiary subject in photojournalism (photo captioning) and have a professional background in communications as well as a degree in English Literature. I would require more information on the personality of the family and/or writing style they are interested in. What English writers inspire them, and any specific poetry or prose that inspires them, etc.

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[Deleted user]

Melbourne writer who can meet you to discuss/examine photo compilation in person if preferred. Also happy to consult over the phone as have free unlimited talk on mobile.

I see this as a special but fun project as I enjoy doing engaging comments on my private Facebook re toddlers in my extended family. I can write in a variety of styles. See my OzLance portfolio pieces Rain & Promotional Brochure on China as 2 examples of what I can do in punchy sentences to create an effect.

I would aim to capture the essence of the atmosphere of the photos in adapting the parents' words. That is why seeing the photos in reality or on the cloud is vital. Once I see the photos and where captions are likely to go, then I could write your list in 2-3 days, emailed for your approval/edit.

I would be interested in further ad hoc cooperation if this works out, if desired.

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My question is : If you accept my bid, would I have access to see the photos on the cloud (via a shared link in Dropbox etc) so that I can have a greater sense of George's surroundings in order to write something that stands out? Also, will you have the location of the village where he was baptised?