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We need an animations designer to create an animation using CSS or Javascript for our digital gift card e-commerce website and app. The animation will have customisable elements based on the customer's selection on the site.

The animation is a culmination of the customer's choices for their digital gift experience. The customer chooses:

  1. Digital gift card
  2. Digital wrapping paper
  3. Digital greeting card (with personalised message) and
  4. Music (the music bit does not need an animation)

At the moment, we have one basic animation, where the digital gift unwraps and the greeting card opens, and the gift card bounces up and down with some confetti.

We need to be able to offer more animations so our customers can choose what experience they want to deliver to their loved ones.

FOR EXAMPLE: a plane flies in, drops a gift box which opens and out pops the greeting card which opens to display the inside message, and then the gift card pops out of the box which unwraps and displays the gift card.

Technical requirements

  1. There will need to be customisable elements (using Javascript and CSS) to the animation that need to changed based on the customer’s selection: • Gift wrapping • Greeting card (front image) • Greeting card (inside, right page – needs to have a placeholder for text) • Image of gift card (front only)

The rest of the animation does not need to be customisable, for example the plane flying in is the same regardless of the customers’ choices.

  1. The animation will need to be in the below formats: a. Website b. App

More information

a. Website format Please visit our website www.egiftit.com.au. You can choose gift cards, and all the add-ons, and then click ‘CHECKOUT NOW’. Then click the button called ‘EXPERIENCE YOUR GIFT’ to see what we have so far. You don’t need to pay anything to see this as we show the customer before checkout what the experience will look like.

b. App format Please download our app, search e-gift it in the Apple Store or Google Play, or open this link in your mobile phone http://onelink.to/4s9pmr Choose your add-ons and click ‘Continue’, and then click the pink button ‘EXPERIENCE YOUR GIFT’

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