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The app needed is similar to stripped back version of Wire, but with several additional features.

  1. Remove everything from Wire except voice functionality (text, graphics, video etc)
  2. Make the app hands free (after the first connection is made), that is it must auto connect and reconnect if there is a dropout.
  3. Orientate the app to work with defined groups, rather than individuals Note the GUI’s below How the app will work in practice a) The Group Coordinator downloads the Team Radio app from the iTunes or Google Play store b) On the Team Radio ‘Coordinator’ page, the Coordinator (see GUI below): • Enters a name for the group (e.g. Saturday Demons) • Selects group Members from their contacts list (Similar to Wire) • Invites Members c) Members receive an invitation from the Coordinator and using the link provided download the Team Radio app (if not previously done) d) On the Team Radio ‘Member’ page, members select the group they want to connect to (e.g. Saturday Demons). e) As long as both coordinator and members have the app open and the group selected the connection will be automatic. That is, the coordinator’s app will ‘ping’ members and handshaking will be automatic.

Other potential user groups • For coaches who can instruct players during practice sessions (without yelling across the field) • Team sports such as Paint Ball where strategy is a significant factor in success • Rock climbing and other sports where people are close, but communication difficult • To name just a few…

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First Five Eight Media

Hey David,

The below price relates to a monthly cost for taking this project on as 50% of my time. I can help with the UX, top quality graphic design and development of your app. I understand that you are interested in building a communication app for teams and projects similar to a radio with multiple channels that allows for multi media transfer. I reckon that this project would take 3 months including design, development and testing. Please give me a call and we can discuss further



Estimated 100 hours
Product Platformers

Hi David,

I have experience with building conferencing solutions. My linked in profile is

My initial proposal: Stage I The backend functionality and prototype mobile phone calls. $3000 (3 weeks)

Stage II User interface for app functionality/integration/testing with mobile phone calls $3000 (3 weeks)

Stage III Create voice enabled apps (ios/android) using IP networks as well as mobile calls $12000 10 weeks first production iteration, approx 3 week iterations on changes.

Note: Stage I the project can remain in testing for months (on hold)

If research outcomes are required for innovation grants I can provide skills for project

Deliver in 90 days
[Deleted user]

Hello David,

How are you?

I represent Coruscate Solutions Australia ( We are a full service software, web and mobile application development company working with clients from around the world.

We specialise in development using cutting edge technologies including Node.JS, Angular, Laravel, MongoDB. We also have a team of highly skilled UI/UX designers on board who have wowed clients across borders. An additional area of core focus for us is the development of iOS and Android mobile applications, with stress on exceptional ease of use and rock solid performance.

Our working style is focused on acting more as business consultants and partner than as simple IT providers. Our experience spans industries, geographies and client sizes.

I have studied the requirements posted on Ozlance and am confident that we can exceed your expectations in terms of the final delivery. We have created similar apps for clients earlier and so have extensive knowledge of what it entails.

In case you require additional details about us, please visit our website mentioned above, or reach out to me via the contact details provided in my signature below.

I look forward to hearing positively from you and having further discussions soon.


Gaurang Shah | Director | Coruscate Solutions Australia


Mobile : +61-4-1079-9966 | Skype : rang_shah |

Estimated 700 hours

Hi David,

is this requirement still open, are you still inviting applications and proposals ?

I have total 12 years track record in IT services & 7 years in App/Web Development + Graphics/Web Designing side, i can email you my portfolio and credentials if this project is still open. Price will be competitive enough.

Regards, Prashant A MyCompanyApp

David M.

Hi. This no longer needs to be on Web RTC i think other platforms might work. The critical things that the ‘Team Radio’ app needs are:

· Must work cross platform, at least IOS and Android · Must be ‘hands free’, as in once connected the user won’t be able to look at or touch the screen… so any drop outs need to be auto reconnected · Reorient around ‘groups’, which are fairly fixed · At least 8 users

What protocol do you suggest? How would you do this?

Please do send through your portfolio

Ideally there would be some background noise reduction technology also.