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Melbourne, VIC, Australia
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It's a safety software for construction industry

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Matteo R.
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Submitted 8 Jun 2021 at 06:40
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Martin Wright

Hello Matteo,

Hope you are in good health.

I got an email about your job from the portal. What I understand, you are looking for an application or software on safety for construction industries.

"EHS Management Software Solution" what we call nowadays. As you did not share any specification, here I share some basic features of EHS.

  1. Manage job site safety from work safety observations to injury rates
  1. Track safety training, licensing & certifications

  2. Simplify compliance with permits management & built-in reporting

  3. Conduct inspections proactively to reduce risk

Beside the above;

a. Safety inspections: Complete safety inspections on mobile devices anytime and even offline. Submit important data to follow safety measures and rules.

b. Safety policies: Share quick access to safety documents with your team; all of your rules and best practices on personal protective equipment and safety policy are always on their mobile devices.

c. Safe storage and instant access: Secure storage of documents is a must for audits and investigations. The system backs up all your templates and documents to the Cloud for easy retrieval.

d. Total recordable injury frequency (TRIF): Track potential breakdowns and injuries right away to identify the safety trendings and minimize risks.

e. Trainings and meetings: Your team now can be trained on how to work safely right from their iPads and iPhones. Just give them access to your training videos and site safety checklists within the mobile app.

f. Broad reporting builder: The high-quality data provided from the site allows you to create instant reports tailored up to the needs of the company and its customers.

g. Incident investigation and follow-up: Your reports are getting even more precise. Attach photos of the hazard or unsafe work behaviors right to your safety incident report and submit them in real-time.

h. Safety tickets: Your employees will never be afraid of sudden field safety inspections since all of their safety tickets are duly kept in one app.

Let me know if I talking sense. It would be appreciated if we can discuss this in detail. Pls share your contact no and email so that I can set up a call.

Looking forward to you.

Best, Martin W.


Note: My bid is a placeholder.

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Steigern Technologies

Hey Mate, I got an E-mail from job portal and as far as my understanding, You are looking for something call EHS (Environmental health and safety software).

If you can explain me in detail, I'll be glad to help you out.

You can Check my our profile at Feel free to contact me @

Remember that my Bid is juat a placeholder.

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Nirmit Dagly

Hello Matteo,

Good Evening!

I've just received a request about your project and wondering what is your requirement exactly regarding the website?

If you can explain me in detail, then I'll be glad to help you out.

I am based in Melbourne itself and so you can reach out to me easily. My email id is and number is 0414190553.

Estimated 10 hours