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I would like an app that I can track vehicle inspections within my company it needs inspection date, inspectors number, vehicle fleet number, odometer reading, pass/ fail, certificate number it will need to have a clearance certificate number if the vehicle fails, a clearance is still a fail. it needs to be able to produce overall pass/fail stats, individual vehicle pass/fail stats, individual inspector pass/ fail, and the ability to view the records. I have a spread sheet currently that works for this, but I am trying to move to a less 'fixed' office space.

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Darren G.
Joined Jun 2020
Submitted 10 Jun 2020 at 03:01
Expired 3 years ago
Bidding guide $250 - $750
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Kieran McDougall

Free if you're comfortable with it being open sourced.

Deliver in 10 days
Intuition SofTech Australia

Hi Darren, I have gone through your project and I understand what you after. I have build similar yet more advance system for a mining and coal seam cementing company. I know what exactly you after and I have few more ideas on how you make it more better and add value to it. Let me know if you are available for a call to discuss. I can also show you what I have build so you can get an idea on how it going to work Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bid is just a placeholder, so ignore it.

Regards: Steve

Deliver in 1 day

Hi Darren,

I went through the summary - requirement. I like to be more realistic and can you send me the excel template that you use to track your tasks. No need to send the real data, just add some dummy values and send it to me. So , I can give you probably an accurate estimate.

Please ignore the bid given, its a dummy value. OR

Cheers! Suranga

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anjeko software

Hello Darren, I am freelancer PHP developer with 5+ experience. I can assist you and develop this web/mobile app database application using PHP/MySQL database. You will pay me only when you are satisfied and fully tested this app. Will need from you this spreadsheet with data to be fully informed what are your requirements and cost involved ( number of days to be used for development). Will need also your web hosting access..

Deliver in 30 days
Anands Online

Hi Darren I am full stack developer having experience in developing hybrid applications. android + ios + website (One code base). Also moving such an architecture on cloud would save any upfront cost (like that of server and hosting). I can help with this.

Deliver in 30 days
Signature Studio

Hi Darren, you'll be struggling with anything of quality for under 1k, unless you outsource to a third world country. Even then, it's very hit and miss. I've developed a wide range of web apps and native apps used in tracking scenarios similar to yours. I'd be happy to discuss the requirements further, still a lot to unknowns at this stage, so my quoted price is a guide only. Regards, Ryan.

Deliver in 30 days
Karaa Digital

Hi Darren,

We can make happen in one week time, further to which we would take your feedback on UAT testing to incorporate any new features. It would cost 2000 for both iOS and Android version. You can look up our existing mobile apps Spectra, School mgmt system, and one coming up Connect - purposed for any business to have a mobile app they can brand it the way they want. We have plenty of experience while developing AWS cloud based web apps. I have been working at Bhp in their technology hub so fair bit of experience. Contact me to progress this opportunity.

Deliver in 7 days
Cloud Solutions Australia

Hi Darren, I specialise in development cloud applications customised to clients' requirements. Most applications are developed for clients who want to move forward from their Excel so your requirement is exactly what we do. Applications are full stack (Microsoft) ASP.Net and will run in any browser on any device with customisation as required for desktop (back office) & mobile (field technician) deployments. All applications are highly customisable - colours, views, filters etc. I can demonstrate a portfolio of solutions. Fixed price quoted includes 12-months hosting on one of our dedicated servers in Australia, and 12 months support including all enhancements within reasonable scope. Regards, Roger

Deliver in 30 days
Blitzm Systems Pty Ltd

Easy - I can get this done in less than a week.

Deliver in 3 days
Whitetower Digital

We've built a similar app for another inspection company (for Microwaves) which stores data and generates reports (PDFs) to send to clients and for internal office use as well.

We're based in Sydney, Australia and all our work is done locally.

Deliver in 40 days
Webwidget Pty Ltd

Hey Darren, I work in the mining industry and have some understanding of what is required here. This isn't a job that is completed within a week nor going to be cheap if you want it done properly. I would build you a fully scale-able web based app and you would want this to be secure and possibly add in users access and filters to allow additional employees for the future. You would want front end user access as well as admin access to manage all the different facilities within. A fully loaded database design and flow will need to be drawn up. Lets discuss this properly and formulate an investment plan as this is an investment in the work that you manually do. I see a vision here.

Estimated 100 hours
Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Darren,

I have reviewed your requirements . We can build it on Android-native . It will be $9600+GST , and about 8 weeks for completion.

Thanks saurabh

Deliver in 56 days
Freelance Developer

Hi, Darren G.

I have immense experience of building mobile applications. I would love to help you in this regard. let's have a chat, I am living in Sydney so even face to face interaction is possible if you are nearby. I would love to solve your issue. I have quoted you some amount but I think it is better to meet online or face to face and finalise requirements. hoping to hear back from you.

Regards, Thanks.

Deliver in 45 days

Hi Darren,

There are dozens of good reasons to build a mobile app, and there are also plenty of reasons to stick with a spreadsheet. What problems are you trying to solve that couldn't be addressed by putting the spreadsheet in the cloud and making it more mobile-device friendly for example? Is the app for just one person or many? For phones, tablets, or both? Does it need to be published to the Google Play Store? Does your company have existing IT platforms or services that could or must be utilised? Will there be a requirement to migrate data from the existing spreadsheet to the new app/system?

Having a quick look at your existing spreadsheet may be helpful too. If you wanted us to sign an NDA before looking at that or discussing anything in more detail that's no problem. Feel free to reach out.

Kind Regards


Nicholas Amor

Hi Darren,

While there are many benefits to a completely custom solution I strongly suggest you consider an off-the-shelf fleet and/or logbook management solution instead. Is there perhaps some software widely used in your industry that could meet your needs?

Cheers, Nick


Hi Darren,

Moving your spreadsheet to completely cloud-based will do the trick if you just you alone will use the app you want to make. In that way, you can avoid all the hassle of setting up IT infrastructure for the app.

Would you be able to share your current spreadsheet so I can assess whether an android app or a simple web-based dashboard app will suffice?

Regards, Francisco


Hi Darren, I’m interested in your project, it would be great if you could pass on some contact details such as email address and contact number so we can discuss further. Otherwise you can send me a email at and we can get chatting from there. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Josh