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A healthcare organisation needs to create educational game available for access via web browsers, iOS and Android apps.

Task: Create interactive game (visual novel) on the basis of given materials for educational project

Task description: game should be developed in 2D and will consist of:

  • 15 locations
  • 1 playing character
  • 6 non-playing characters
  • 3 main dialogs
  • About 6 different endings

Game format: web application or a format that is easy to download/install from website Prerequisites: character images and location images will be provided

Additional info: each game should be built in a way that allows further conversion to a game mobile app (iOS/Android)

See a rough draft of the first game’s script in the attached file Proposed time frame: 1 month

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I went through your task and task description. In this task to me (at this moment.) it looks like more graphic (UI) work and less background algorithm. I have implemented a myriad of projects on Web and Mobile platform. Additional I have a deep understanding of diverse mobile app development platform so I am flexible if you have any preference. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Viki

Deliver in 30 days

Hi I would certainly like to discuss your project with you further to get a better understanding about your requirements and how we can fulfil these.

Please disregard the below price and time frame, I will provide a exact cost and timeframe once I better understand the project.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards Speclux

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Red Sheep Media

Hi Eustas,

I have just been looking through your game design requirements and feel we may be able to help.

I'm envisioning a 'Choose your own adventure' type game where the choices made by the player will determine the path the game takes. The consequences of each decision would be illustrated and will ultimately determine how the game ends.

The game itself would be in the form of an interactive and dynamic graphic novel that is easy to play and uses scenarios and language that is familiar to the targeted audience.

I feel it would also be important to hold the players attention throughout so a priority would be placed on making it an enjoyable and engaging experience.

The novel would be delivered as a web application using a framework that can be used to build an equivalent mobile app for Android and iOS.

We have experience developing Educational games. You can visit if you would like to see an example.

Please let me know if you require any further information.



Red Sheep Media

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Aaron Grunstein

I have had a look at your job and read through the game design requirements. This would be a really interesting project to work on.

I have created a number of projects in Unity and this would be the perfect tool for cross platform development.

It would be good to create a unique look for this game. Something like Old Man's Journey but younger and edgier given the target demographic. It is important that even though this is an educational project it is an engaging and interesting experience. You could possibly incorporate some gameplay elements rather than just clicking on a box to make your choices.

I would be very interested in discussing the project further.

Best regards,


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Virtual SupportSoft PLC

Hi Eustas,

My name's Jay.I am an App Development Expert. I have reviewed the attached PDF thoroughly and have a clear idea what you're looking for. I would like to send some of work samples for your review before discuss further about your requirements. Please let me know your email address via text or whatsapp.

Please also take a look at our portfolio.

Thanks Jay 0451657071

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Codehaus Pty Ltd

Hi there,

I have just taken a look at the attached game script / dialog. Are there further scripts to come (and will these be in addition to the initial scope or would they be included in the initial scope of work?)

Looking forward to your reply.


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