Develop a small installable application to capture live powerpoint + webcam output.

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The 32-bit Windows desktop application is to be a short wizard that encapsulates a PowerPoint presentation. All computers using the application would have Windows 7 or higher and MS Office already installed. It has been suggested to us that this could be done using the DirectShow.Net library ( instead of our initial idea of using FFmpeg.

The wizard should first gather a few hardware details about the screen, webcam and microphone, then show a series of dialogue boxes, that demonstrate the user's webcam and microphone and select a PPT file. The slideshow will always be 16:9 as they will come from a template we provide to users. It should then show a wrapper for a fullscreen slideshow (perhaps using a child window?) in full screen, with 16:9 showing as letterboxed on a 4:3 monitor, with basic a controls overlay on the bottom right, only allowing the user to go to the next/previous slide and start/finish recording. A background task would capture the screen and overlay the webcam input on the bottom right to obscure the user controls. The resulting composite stream would be encoded as h264+AAC@720p. (See the FFmpeg sample commands as a proof of concept.)

The executable would be packaged into a basic installer that only copies files to a folder in %ProgramFiles(x86)% (with any libraries or packaged binaries going to the same location so %PATH% is unaffected) and creates a single shortcut in the start menu. The preferences (last used folder and input devices) should be saved in a folder under %AppData%. Uninstall should simply remove these three items. An MSI is preferred.

Full source code will be required so, in future it's possible to edit and recompile.

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Hi I have a similar application written on Accord Framework which is R&D grade framework and reliable. This is proven for windows 7. Although if there is a chance that we could use windows 10 I have re wrote my current app using UWF Library in the wpf app which is way faster and reliable than any other library. I would like to discuss more about the way we could proceed.

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