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I have an existing website made with Drupal software. www.annabelnowlan.com.au Ive been told the software could become redundant. How much time do i have? Do i need to create a new website or can I upgrade it and continue to use it

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Annabel N.
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Submitted 27 Apr 2017 at 01:32
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vdw designs

Hi Annabel,

We have a number of years of experience developing Drupal websites.

It depends on the version of Drupal that was used. If the site was built using Drupal 6 then it will need to be upgraded to Drupal 7, but if its already using Drupal 7 then it will continue working for a while still. Drupal 6 will still run but it won't receive any new features.

If you're interested in updating the look of your site or investigating the version of Drupal you're welcome to contact me. I have quoted 1 hour for the initial discussion if you want us to look at your site and then we can discuss any other requirements.

Estimated 1 hour

Hey Anna,

Not sure from where you got this news. That't totally rubbish. Drupal is not going to be redundant anytime. Please check their website https://www.drupal.org/. I have built hundreds of Drupal sites and still developing for client. So no worries. All good.

Your website needs a revamp though :)

Thanks, Deepak

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