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Once in a lifetime opportunity IF you have the skills. Our company has had to pivot to an online company, due to the pandemic. We have unrivalled, unique products which have never been seen before that are always going to be needed, by millions of people worldwide. We are looking for a talented individual in Australia (preferably Melbourne based but not essential) to become part of the business with unlimited earning potential for the right person. If you have what we are looking for then we would be interested in hearing from you. We seek a professional, reliable, experienced and honest person who is proficient in Ecommerce websites, both the front and back end. This is an Australian/Worldwide site. It needs to have all the functionality a company would expect. We need someone with a multitude of skills such as Coding, Word Press Developers, Content and Copywriting; basically, any skills required to produce, run and operate an Ecommerce Website. This person would be required to manage the ongoing operation, upkeep, strategy management, including analytics and implement improvements to the site on an ongoing basis. Further, we are seeking the services of a proven SEO/SEM whiz to manage all our search engine optimization, social media channels and platforms. Responsibilities include content copy, product placement and brand development.SEO will be based on organic and paid traffic. You will be responsible for managing all SEO activities such as content strategy to increase rankings on all major search engines. You will also be required to give input on website architecture, PPC campaigns, market analysis, targeting exercises, Google analytics and Web Trends. Some customer facing work will be required, interacting with our followers and potential brand promoters. Lastly, we seek experience in crafting and executing successful social media strategies, SEM specialists and more, to help our brand achieve their business objectives through great marketing content, marketing strategies, comprehensive analytic reports, and feedback. The successful, talented individual will also be an owner of the business and rewarded by the success driven to the site accordingly. This is an incredible, once-off opportunity never to be repeated. If you are interested, don't delay, email us your resume today, detailing your experience. Submit a cover letter, including your contact phone number, explaining why you would be a great fit.

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Mark C.
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Submitted 1 Dec 2020 at 10:46
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Viva IT Services

Hi Mark

FYI - not a question.

You say you have products required by millions of people worldwide, and have a business with unlimited earning potential? Yet you are looking for ONE person who has these skills plus more:

  • PHP development
  • Wordpress development
  • SQL knowledge
  • Copywriting
  • hosting and linux knowledge
  • marketing experience
  • seo / sem experience
  • social media delivery experience
  • most likely some sort of platform experience, AWS and so on - ability to implement platform based solutions as if your website is as busy as what you say it will be, hosting on one server will not be enough.

You want someone who is able to perform

  • day to day dev operations including coding and bug fixing, updates
  • analytics and traffic analysis
  • SEO / SEM activities and capabilities
  • Social Media management
  • customer management
  • supplier management
  • deal with PR / promoters / influencers
  • marketing strategies and reporting

You're not looking for a successful, talented individual - you're looking for a unicorn.

And assumedly if you're making this unicorn an owner of the business also, usually that means that person will not be paid well - at least to begin with.

And if you find this unicorn, and give them the tasks that you want them to do - they'll be working 100+ hour weeks to get all of this done and in place.

If you're banking on one person doing all of this for you. I fear that your business will not succeed.

Separate your tasks - get a marketing person on board to do marketing / social. Get an SEO person involved - at least after a while when your content is stable enough the SEO can handle itself so you can then drop them. Get a developer just to develop. Get an intern or retail staff member to handle the customer facing side.

Just some advice - not saying you should take it. Just have a think about it. One person is not your answer here.

Mark C.

hmmm that's great feedback and good food for thought. Thank you.