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Remote (anywhere)
Freelance / Casual

I would like to build an app putting 2nd hand buyers in touch with sellers

I would like to input 3 numerical parameters, with photos and a description of the item.

I would also like to encourage new users to send app details on to other prospective users as part of the sign in.

I will write a little project proposal and post it here if I can.

I would like an android and an ios app but preferable android in the interim.

Seller inputs 3 measurements with pictures and a description.

Buyer can search based on the 3 measurement parameters.

Payment based on percentage of sale (unless you have other ideas/recommendations).

Requested by
Mark S.
Joined Nov 2019
Submitted 10 Nov 2019 at 11:10
Expired 2 years ago

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Barefeet Digital

Hi Mark, It's impossible to quote for an app with so limited information. If you would like chat further please email me on leslie@soarsynergy.com.au

Intuition SofTech Australia

Hi Mark, I have build similar marketplace and I am happy to talk to you regarding the functionality and your budget. We can chat over phone and then take it through emails. Please send me your details over my email: steve@intuitionsoftech.com.au Or call me on my office number: 02 8046 6843 Looking forward to working with you.

Regards: Steve


Hi Mark, we're a small business that specialises in mobile apps. We'd be happy to discuss your requirements in detail and guide you through the process. You can look us up online or send an email to office@aurita.com.au and we can privately exchange further details. Regards, Jared

Webby Monks

Hey Mark,

I'm part of a Digital Agency and we're proficient in creating apps/websites. Please send me your details on siddhant@uplers.net.

I can provide you a quote and ETA on the same project.

Freelance Developer

Hey Mark,

I am part of software house in Sydney. We have been working in mobile industry for quit a time now. If you want to discuss this further lets have a chat. You can email me on one of the following email.

abdulmueed@codeofeverything.com, also add abdulmueed1992@gmail.com in case i miss it on other one.


Creative Cog

Hi Fab,

I am happy to have further discussion about this project. Our team has worked with lots of Real Estate web app & other applications over the year. Take a look at some of our most recent projects below:

http://shujinko.com.au/ - No 1 Ramen franchise in Australia https://eigdevelopments.com.au/ - 1.5 billion dollar property development company http://elpis.com.au/ - 50 million dollar development project

Our website is: https://creativecog.com.au/ and the email address is jack@creativecog.com.au