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Sydney, NSW, Australia
Freelance / Casual
1 - 4 weeks

I need someone to do a relational based excel job during the week days in Sydney, for about 4-5 hours. Please provide me with your previous accomplishments and proof of work.

thank you

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Joined Apr 2016
Submitted 8 Apr 2016 at 13:58
Expired 3 years ago
Bidding guide $25 - $50/hr
Average bid $40.00

Cloud Solutions Australia

Hi Jojo, I am able to undertake your job remotely if that is possible. I am a freelance software engineer based in Adelaide with 30 years commercial experience in software development. I can send my CV if you can provide your e-mail address. In respect of your Excel job, I have extensive experience in developing complex spreadsheets with links to other spreadsheets and databases, I can provide copies of same. I also have extensive experience in VB6, VBA, VB.Net etc. Regards, Roger Wilson roger@cloudsolutionsaustralia.com.au

Estimated 1 hour
Cloud Solutions Australia

Hi Jojo, Can the work be performed remotely? If you could provide an e-mail address I can send examples of work etc as evidence of capability. Thank you.

Bryan Van Malsen

Hi Jojo,

Just wondering if this job can be done remotely? If so, can you please provide a bit more information about the job.

Many thanks, Bryan