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I am wanting assistance to complete some financial scenarios for projections & capital needed & at what stages. I have all the data, manufacturing quotes etc. I have had financials done before but I have decided to head down a different launch path so need to know what capital is needed. I am aiming to raise capital & initial sales through a crowdfunding campaign. I am needing at least 2-3 scenario's done up. ie. if minimal amount was reached, a larger amount and figures for the bank & possible investors. To begin with though I simply need figures for myself that accurately reflect what capital I need & cashflow to operate & launch. Then maybe complete the other scenario's after that. Am happy to provide further infomation if needed for a more accurate quote. Only qualified accountants apply.

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Natalie D.
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Submitted 12 Oct 2017 at 01:20
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bs consulting

I am a Business Analyst qualified in Mathematics. I have a good grounding in basic financial accounting, although limited experience in legal and reporting standards. Although not a qualified accountant I have applied to be considered for this project as I believe you do not need one, in that I think I can provide the new direction in accurate predictive modelling that you have been looking for. I would charge $100 per scenario (includes time for all checks and balances), then an additional hourly rate open to negotiation for added time to perform extra modelling and experimentation. Feel free to examine my sample portfolio 'bs consulting' or for further information email me at In addition I have documented an immediate example of the sort of analysis you have been describing. If you provide me an email address I will send it to you. yours in anticipation BSCon.

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[Deleted user]

Hi Natalie, Sounds like an interesting job. I am a qualified chartered accountant with prior experience in public practice and financial services for over 10 years. I deal with complex scenario analysis on a daily basis. Here is how i would approach this job:

  • Discuss your requirements for the project
  • Review financial statements for the prior year and ask any questions i might have about the company
  • Review and develop your business plan
  • Understand your projections and capital requirements for financial scenarios. Assist you with financial modelling if needed
  • Prepare various scenarios and assist you with research on capital raising
  • Prepare cash flow statements for each scenario.

Please don't hesitant to contact me if you require further information.

Regards, Rahul

Estimated 10 hours
MKH associates.

Natalie I am a qualified CIMA UK accountant and have extensive experience within business working on financial models. I have extensive excel skills as required to ensure the model is usable, practical and delivers the specification requirements. I would like to be involved in further work if successful and develop a relationship for this and future work you may have. It is difficult to define time frame with so many unanswered questions but I have done so.

Estimated 10 hours
[Deleted user]

Hello Natalie,

As a qualified CPA with over twenty years of experience in the financial and accounting field, I exhibit the qualifications and experience necessary to assist you in your current project.

I am currently employed as the Group Financial Controller for a private investment company and have been employed with the company for the last nine years. An integral part of this role is to assist senior decision makers and management in assessing investment opportunities including:

1) Preparation of financial models and projections for perspective business ventures and investments;

2) Providing financial analysis of models and projections;

3) Preparation of business plans, investment proposals and funding requests.

In assisting you with this project, following initial discussions with you, during which I would obtain an understanding of the venture, I would review the data you have on hand and prepare a first draft of the financial projections, followed by further revised projections. Once the projections and models have been finalised, I can assist in analysing the projections and provide assistance in preparing business plans, investment proposals and financing requests.

I also have many years of taxation experience and can assist you in the taxation aspect of the project. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you on this project.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Estimated 10 hours
Upeksha Liyanage

Hi Natalieļ¼Œ i am a qualified CPA member and accountant for past 10 years. I am currently working as a business services accountant for over four years. Prior yo that i was in a role of management accountant in an actuarial department of an insurance company. I have done extensive amount of projections and sensitivity analysis using advanced excel and vba. I am also a mathamatics and statistics graduate and associate of CIMA uk. I am also qualified as a financial planner recently with Kaplan professional.

This job is within my capasity and i would like to help you. Please let me know any questions.

Deliver in 10 days
Brett Nangle

Hi Natalie,

Sounds like a fascinating project!

And the task looks right up my alley. I've been generating business plans, financial models and investment proposals for around 15 years.

I've worked with large and small companies, including several founders. I feel the major contributions I make to founders are 1. strategic clarity and structured thinking, 2. robust and professional documentation, and 3. momentum.

I am able to quickly understand businesses or projects, build strong relationships and deal with ambiguity, utilising both my broad and specialist knowledge base to quickly add value to any organisation as a professional consultant.

Key Achievements:

  1. Successful seed fundraising for small businesses.
  2. Business plans for a variety of SME startups 3.Comprehensive board, managment and statutory reporting.
  3. Compliance - GST, superannuatiion, payroll, FBT, insurance, workers compensation
  4. Extensive budgets and forecasting
  5. Feasibilty analysis - new business
  6. Set internal strategies and negotiated with external stakeholders to implement various 'first to market' initiatives.
  7. Austrade endorsed consultant on R&D and Export Marketing Grants.

Qualifications - Registered Tax Agent, Registered ASIC agent, Austrade registered for R&D & EMDG, Full member of Institute of Public Accountant, Fully insured for Professional Indemity, and you have the ATO 'Safe Harbour" rules protecting you.

We are happy to provide a guarantee on our work and your satisfaction.

Contact us to get started on 0412 701 420

Brett Nangle Success Tax Professionals (Mooroolbark)

Estimated 12 hours
Zero to Professional Consulting

Hi Natalie, this is corporate finance related raising capital privately and through public channel together with debt raising. I can help you with this. Do let me know if you are interested having read my profile background and experience. Please advise the rate you are willing to pay per hour and expected deliverable deadline together with total number of days you want for the project. Kind regards, Arthur

MKH associates.

Natalie It is very difficult to estimate what is required without seeing the data which you have. Sales, Debtors, expected debtor days all required to work towards a cash position. Very willing to support you on this and look to deliver the out comes you require. What specifically are your requirements; just cash flow, Profit and Loss Account, Scenarios would they be around capital raised however with differing funding comes different loans required also and different machinery.