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Freelance graphic design for a wedding magazine , creating adverts / feature pages

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Jen B.
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Kapil Mathur
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Freelance Creative

I have been and still am involved in creating a newspaper called THE LOCAL for 5 years . I put together 95% of the entire publication from advertising, illustration, cartooning, design and more. all the issues can be seen here. I have been in the advertising design and marketing industry for over 40 years. I get things done and never let my clients down!

Estimated 1 hour
Be Bright Design

I'd love to be apart of this project, I have experience with producing publication design in my previous role as senior designer for Harcourts top real estate agency in New Zealand. We produced many publications for the various sides of the business, including articles, adverts, social media and digital adverts to market the publications also. I have just put 10 estimated hours but I'd need to know more about what the job requires to figure this out of course, but keen to speak and find out more.

My email is call me on +64 223 722 600

Speak soon! Amanda Krausz

Estimated 10 hours