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We're developing a prototype booking system and need a frontend developer.

We have just concluded scoping and specification. Our existing frontend developer had to drop out after a conflict of interest came up. We can get you up to speed and you can build a front end in your preferred framework.

Our backend team are developing a RESTful API using .NET. You'll need to make a front end web app that demonstrates the functionality of the system. This includes but is not limited to user accounts, maps, lists of assets, assets profiles, a booking form, booking history, and payment integration.

Our estimate would have you putting in about 6 hours a week. We're aiming for delivery by Jan 28th 2016.

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Jarrett P.
Joined Dec 2016
Submitted 8 Dec 2016 at 06:10
Expired 4 years ago
Bidding guide $1500 - $3000
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Sharjeel Ahmad

Hi, I am a professional front-end web developer.

I am interested to take on this work. Can you please send me more details and scope so I can see how long it would take to complete the work. Thanks.

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[Deleted user]

Hello Jarrett, I am happy to take on this job with extensive experience across .NET framework (web and API) and commercial experience with many front end framework including, but not limited to AngularJS, TypeScript (and JavaScript), Bootstrap, Sass/Less framework, task automation tools (gulp, grunt, bower, webpack).

I can privately share my LinkedIn profile if you like to see my accomplishments in and outside Australia. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks,

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I am an expert with js and ux. I am very good angular and developing spa. I am working on heavy traffic websites which are spa.

Estimated 30 hours