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Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Freelance / Casual

Biography which I would like to publish on a global scale and eventually make a Hollywood film of my life story. I have written manuscripts of about 30 pages which need to be re written and I need an excellent writer to bring the story to another level and continue to write my story . The book could be 250-300 pages I’m not sure . Depends on how the writer can create something special from the story .

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Stephen v.
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Have written and published my own biography, feel free to contact me for more details , price negotiable

Deliver in 100 days
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I have experience in biographical writing as well as a broad range of other writing experience. I am a concise yet descriptive writer, able to effortlessly draw readers into the moment.

Can send examples of my writing on request.

Please contact me so we can talk about your project. Looking forward to working with you.

Deliver in 60 days

Hi Stephen,

Biographies get more interesting when they are infused with life and a fantastic story to tell to the readers.

I am confident I can rewrite your (approximate) 30 pages and flesh it out to a good number of pages resulting in the volume you want.

We will need to be in frequent communication with each other throughout the process so I can get more personal insights into your life events and convert these into more flesh and substance which will eventually give you a finished biography worthy of all you hold dear.

Lets try and get that something special from your life-story. You are welcome to contact me to discuss this project.



Deliver in 30 days
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Are you able to post your 30 page manuscript here for reference?