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I am expanding my team of Writers & require a couple of high quality Creative Ghostwriters for the long term (years) who can write ‘short’ (25 page) Fiction stories (for 5 book continuous mini Series). All genres are a potentiality eg Erotica, Romance, Thrillers, Young Adult, Fantasy, Kids etc. My goal is to post a new project here just for you on a weekly/fortnightly basis (providing your stories are popular & getting a good response & your services are affordable). You are required to have the following values:

  1. Respectful, reliable, efficient, trustworthy person of high integrity. Do not apply if you are unable to come in on time.
  2. Provide great value for money enabling me to continue to give you ongoing work & income with more consistency & stability.
  3. As part of the selection process, provide upfront x2 previous examples of your work in alignment with the genre/project required.
  4. Be willing and able to consistently communicate throughout the project with ‘quick progress reports’ – ensures we’re not wasting each other’s time, are on track to deadline & so I can leave you a positive review. Your proven skill set:
  5. Produce multiple 1x25 page ‘short stories’ (building into a continuous 5 book mini Series) per week/fortnight on a variety of topics and genres – your first project will be Erotica.
  6. Completion due within ten (10 days) - due date will be confirmed prior to commencement.
  7. Be an A+ researcher in order to write high quality ‘ORIGINAL ONLY’ content for each project.
  8. Fluent & proficient English speaking/written (or qualified English language professionals) given preference. The first of my projects I am assigning is within the Erotica genre. It is to be written romantically & ‘passionately’ in a captivating, mysterious, exhilarating & thrillingly arousing manner that leaves readers imaginations wanting more, unable to stop reading, wondering what comes next & when they’re done – I need to start the next one NOW! Each short story MUST have the following:
  9. ‘Regular’ characters (a continuous 5 book mini series), with new exciting characters being introduced from time to time. Written in the first person from multiple main characters perspectives. Each story ending in an exciting & mysterious ‘cliff hanger’. Each ending is to be a continuation of the last, leaving the reader in suspense & desperately wanting to find out what happens next! Then, within the following story, you must deliver on what the cliff hanger promised at the end of the previous story.
  10. A complete 1 page synopsis detailing what the story is about (at least10-15 sentences). To be written in a way that captures their interest, is intriguing and exciting.
  11. Formatted for Kindle eReaders - including hyperlinked Table of Contents.
  12. No more than ¾” margins all way around, single line spaced.
  13. 10 point - Aerial font.
  14. Be 100% ORIGINAL content- PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES. I DO NOT accept responsibility nor will we pay for plagiarised content. EVERYTHING will be double checked & tested for plagiarism so protect yourself by ensuring it is all 100% unique and created by you only (you MUST be willing to sign a Notarised Contract agreeing to this).
  15. You will be required to sign:
    • Non—Disclosure Agreement;
    • Work for Hire Agreement;
    • Notarised Contract. To be clear, you will be transferring all rights to me once you have completed the project (as required) and been paid. That means I will own the byline rights, resale rights, ownership rights, copyrights and everything else. Bidding:
  16. Start your reply with the word ‘Freedom’ so I know you are not just blind bidding.
  17. Bid for writing 1 x 25 page short story OR bid with the goal to secure yourself as the exclusive Ghostwriter of an entire 5 x 25 page short story Series eg US$70 for 1x25pg or $50 for 5x25pg book (entire Series) = $250. You will secure more income faster,. I am only willing to assign you ALL 5 books in the Series if you are willing to help me fast track all my future projects with affordability. This will also secure you at the very top of my ‘Re-hire’ List as I have non-stop 5 book Series projects ready to assign immediately upon completion of this one. The successful applicant will be paid after each (25pg) book is completed as per all the requirements stipulated within to a high standard.
  18. Let me know how many of these you can realistically with integrity be relied upon to write per week/fortnight/month so I can add you to my Roster.
  19. I will be reviewing the best ‘value for money’ bids first. Your focus on Customer Service will be appreciated, respected & reciprocated often with increasing projects assigned to you first. Thank you for your valued time, I look forward to building a mutually beneficial & highly successful professional relationship with you long into the future.
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