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Encompass Media Solutions

Certified Google Analytics expert with a background in strategic marketing. I have also studied Japanese for 10 years, giving me a good understanding of the differences in cultural values between your different target markets - Japan and Australia.

We regularly provide clients with detailed Google Analytics reports that takes a strategic approach to offer practical, simple advice for management to pursue. We firmly believe in using data to drive businesses forward - this project sounds like something we would be very interested in pursuing.

I have a few more questions to follow up on the brief with - can you please send me an email to so we can discuss the particulars in more detail.

Thank you

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A Google Analytics Qualified (GAIQ) and Scrum Fundamentals certified Individual with experience in digital marketing , eCommerce , analytics and also well versed with various front end and back end technologies. I love to play with data and make data-driven decisions.

With all my passion I love to share my knowledge, for almost 3 years I am an active contributor of Stack OverFlow community with over 7K of reputation and counting.

Skills Known so far :

  • Data Analytics : Google Analytics(Premium) , Google - Tag Manager , BigQuery
  • Backend : Asp.Net 3.5/ 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 3/4 with C#/VB, PhP, Python
  • Front End : JavaScript /jQuery ,HTML5 / CSS3 , Bootstrap , Angular JS
  • Databases : MySQL, SQL Server 2008 R2/ 2012
  • Mobile : Android , Windows
  • Repo / Sub Version : GitHub , Bit Bucket , Tortoise SVN.
  • Tracking System : Atlassian Jira.
Estimated 40 hours
BoldRhino Software

BoldRhino Software is a boutique digital experiences agency that specialises in improving customer engagement. Our three step process, (1) Analysis; (2) Road map and (3) Build, Deploy and Maintain, take the guess work out of digital engagement, ensuring your digital customers have the best experience possible.

Please get in contract if interest in our services.

FYI - We only get paid once your project has been completed.

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