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I require some graphic design services for one of my client's new websites.

As a programmer, I can handle the web programming side myself, what we need is for a graphics designer to liaise with the client on the visual side of things. We may also require some light flash work.

My client is an artist manager who needs a new site for a new act that he represents. He has some pretty specific ideas about how it should look. I'm still looking around to get some examples of what he's talking about. I'll keep you posted on this.

Let me know what details you will need so that I can get a quote.

Can you work by flat rate for different services? or is it an hourly rate?

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Ben J.
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Submitted 18 Oct 2011 at 10:41
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Portfolio available at

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Normally charge $40 but will make an exception. It all depends on the work required so can't specify the exact price. I can work on flash as well. I will however give a good rate as I am keen to build on my web design portfolio.

If you have a look at my website you may get an idea of the ball park I would be charging.

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Because the job brief is not really set yet, I would say an hourly quote would be the best option. Obviously the estimated time is plucked from thin air at this point.

Estimated 10 hours
[Deleted user]

Hi Ben, I can design you 1 home page concept for $350 + GST based on 10 hours work @ $35 + GST per hr. Each subsequent page if based on the home page would take 3 hrs ($105 + GST) each. As for the Flash component I would need to know more about it to quote, but it would also be charged @ $35 + GST per hour. I hope this helps. Warm Regards Simon Cook

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