Helps us build an LMS (Moodle, WP or Drupal)

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We need help to construct our own LMS. We have been using a 3rd party option for a few years and now need to build something more robust that looks great. We have a detailed view of what this new LMS platform needs to do and there are a number of ways of approaching this.

We have not yet chosen between, Moodle, WP or Drupal but we have a number of key decision points.

  • Reporting
  • Integration with 3rd party authoring tools
  • API capacity
  • Responsive design
  • Single sign on functionality with other education providers
  • Video viewing and reporting
  • Duplicating content

We expect this to be a lengthy project, starting with developing specifications through to the end build. We are open to a number of approaches including purchasing and tailoring an existing theme.

We figure the major part of this task will be integrating a number of elements (plugins) to form our LMS. We want a capable person to help us achieve that.

We're looking for an Australian developer to work with. We are based in Melbourne but happy to work with someone remote.

If you're an agency looking to work with us, please note we're not seeking a per-user pricing option.

Feel free to ask us additional questions.

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James T.
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Submitted 9 Aug 2016 at 03:44
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