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1: Project Overview:

This project is looking to convert the content, interactivity, look and theme of our online training program, which was original created in Flash in 2005. It has been continually updated every 18 months or so and has now reached the “end of life” stage due to the flash player browser development issues.

With our current program all the graphics, coding and content of the programs is currently developed inhouse , with the end product successfully communicating to a MYSQL database through PHP.

Our aim is to evolve the above program into a HTML5, product with JavaScript, CSS and applicable 3rd party plugins.

With this project we are looking for a creative and talented person to kickstart the development of the layout and functionality through modern and innovative coding practices.

There is a flexible timeline with this project.

2: Project Descriptions:

Your role is to create the opening pages and structure which will display a photo realistic image. One of the main processes will be initializing and storing variable values, some with values from the MYSQL database. A creative system or series of functions to store the session variable values will be expected. Subsequent pages will have access to the variable values, plus the ability to send and receive data from the database. (Current PHP files and MYSQL database structure files to be supplied).

The finished project will consist of 5 HTML5 pages/files with JavaScript, CSS and any required plugins.

Opening Page: – Set main artwork - possible full screen landing page and responsive stage with image padding – initialize multiple variables – Two (2) communication calls to a MYSQL database.

Standard Page Template: – Display main artwork – demonstrate the ability to display the values of the retrieved variables on this page – display demonstration text / content on page.

Main Menu Page: - Display main artwork – communicate with database to determine the participant’s status and respond back to database – demonstrate the ability to display the values of the retrieved variables on this page – facilitate 3 basic buttons on stage.

Question Page Template: Display main artwork – load 10 generic variable names and dummy values from a “sessionStorage” function – send/update the 5 generic variable values to MYSQL database with an update function prior to completion of the question. Facilitate a basic button to Question Information Section Page.

Driving Information Menu Page: - Known as SDG Menu: Display main artwork – facilitate 10 basic buttons on stage. Interact / Return / via button to Question Page / Main Menu.

3: Skills Required:

Experience in HTML5 – JavaScript – CSS – MYSQL - PHP.

(All current and relevant PHP and MYSQL files to be supplied, but the ability to test own work on localhost sever would be expected.)

4: Logistics:

Interested developers can indicate their timeframe for this project. Indicated timeframe will be taken into account regarding successful applicant.

A fixed price agreement will be offered for this project.

We would welcome proposed project information or a brief/detailed outline on technologies to be utilized in creating this framework and structure for this online program development.

The initial artwork (image placeholders) will be supplied to kick start the project. Current PHP files and MYQSL structure files will be supplied. PHP file code or processes can be modified for enhancement purposes.

There is also access to a modified version of the current training program via the Specifications HTML5 Project pdf file. This will help any potential applicants develop a feel for the new project.

An indication of hours expected to complete the project would be appreciated.

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Roger M.
Joined Sep 2017
Submitted 6 Sep 2017 at 13:01
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Bidding guide $750 - $1500
Average bid $1,300.00


Hi Rigor, I am asitha. I have lot of experience in PHP backend development using cakephp and Node JS. Based on the current trend I suggest your to go for Node js Development with React JS front end which will give you a smooth web app. Based on your specifications It will take around approximately 5 days. This can also be reduced based on the finalized specifications. Please note at the moment I am residing in Sri Lanka. But I am available in Australian Standard Time.

Estimated 50 hours
Darren Lindley

Hi Roger,

My Name is Darren Lindley, I have worked for one of Australias leading Learning Management Organisations for many years and have built huge range of training courses for many high profile clients. This my first OZ Lance project Ive bidded for Ive chosen this because I have expertise in this area and would very much like to sole your problem. I would like to see the existing PHP / Mysql code and speak in more detail before setting a more realistic timeframe but I can set a price.

Please contact me to speak further,

Darren Lindley

Deliver in 14 days
Zenovoir Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

Hi Roger,

I am with Zenovoir Technologies ( a global IT solution provider with operations in Australia.

Our development approach is based on a library of pre built reusable components that significantly brings down the development time. Besides, PHP and My SQL forms the basis of most of our pre built solutions and we have significant expertise in these areas.

Please let me know if you want any other details from our end.

Deliver in 14 days
Webwidget Pty Ltd

Hi Roger, I have built many projects and a few software as a service solutions for clients. Most recently a SaaS project built using CakePHP. (I noticed it mentioned in your specs) I have about 10 years experience o building websites and can complete this project for you with ease. Having a vast array of PHP experience I can accomodate your request and possible review and look at another way to make the project work easier possibly using Node JS with your CakePHP backend. Let me know happy to provide further information if you require. Jason.

Deliver in 20 days

Dear Roger,

Briefly introduce myself, My name is Danny Song, based in Sydney and I have been working as developer more than 10 years, Also I have several experiences in Laravel 4.0 to 5.4 with Saas recently and still working on it.

Since 2014, I was working as a freelancer and have couple of frontend and full stack jobs, this gave me a chance to meet many good developers so, finally we create freelancer network called, and we have been working so far with very good results and feedbacks.

One of the reason I am applying for your job is also, recently I am building a platform with proper version control and CI (git, Jenkins) at won't opened now) that upgraded to It moves to Saas platform with Laravel 5.4 and vuejs 2. It is fully API driven, also can be mobile responsive as well. This gives me a lot of migration and upgrade site experiences.

I am a best PHP guys and mysql as well. You won't regret if you meet me with first meeting, I can gurantee you will like it and I had so many happy customer with me.

You can see my portfolios in my site as well as my linkedin service. All price is also negotiable.

Have a good weekend, and hope to see you in interview if possible.

Kind regards,

Danny Song

Deliver in 21 days
Webwidget Pty Ltd

Hey Roger, I would be interested in your project and would like to converse with you about your needs and potential technologies to use in the project.

Roger M.

Thanks for your reply.

Initially we are looking to get back technical information based on the project criteria. Proceed with the proposed HTML5 JavaScript format etc..... and then determine which elements we may or may not use then in a bigger project. So discussing different or potential technologies (even though they look better) may not be what we are looking for at this time , with this initial minor project.

Thanks for responding back so quickly.

Webwidget Pty Ltd

Hi Roger, Sorry I may not have been clear enough... happy to quote on what you had specified. We could develop simple Ajax requests to post/get data from existing php files you already have. I'll add a quote so we can converse more if selected. J