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Perth, WA, Australia
Freelance / Casual
1 - 4 weeks

Computers is not my expertise hence why I am here. Please be patient Im not sure what the correct terminology is called or how to probably explain what i need.

What i need is, a program that can randomly pick a subject out of sever that has been selected. There is more too it but that is the base of it.

Submitted 22 Feb 2018 at 10:04
Expired 8 months ago
Bidding guide $15 - $25/hr
Average bid $5,910.00

Jalpa Trivedi

Hello Sir/Ma'm,

Don't worry if you do not know the computer terminology. My team is here to help you. I can help you to build you the program/website as I have good experience in software industry. Once we have proper requirement, we can be clear on software application and other needs.

Looking forward to working with you.

Thank you, Jalpa

Deliver in 0 days
Depowersoft Pty Ltd.

I will use c# to finish the work, you can pay after the project is done

Estimated 10 hours
Peter Lyons

Your requested program sounds simple on the face of it. Getting exactly what you need and getting it performing as you want is the crux of any program development.

I've had many years of experience, working with people in a business environment turning their program ideas into viable applications. I'm happy to work with you to map out and specify your desired vision into a fully specified plan and then develop and deliver it as close as possible to what you envision.

The final cost could be much lower than the bid if things are simple.

Estimated 40 hours
Benjamin Dry Freelance Developer

It's a little hard to tell exactly what you need from your original post here, but I am a web developer of 18+ years experience and I can build pretty much anything. I am patient and more than happy to here more about what you are trying to do and I can offer a quote without charge. Maybe explain a little more about what you are trying to achieve.

Estimated 100 hours
Edric Hoang

Dear Sir/Madam,

As an Enthusiastic Web Developer, I offer a proven ability to provide high quality web programming service. I believe I could make a valuable contribution to your company based on the requirements on the developer role you are currently offering. This is why I apply and have included a link to my resume at ( for your consideration today and I am available for immediate start as well.

While information provided is not clear, I think it still quite suited my expertise as I have extensive knowledge regarding software application development and consulting. Once, I have obtained enough information, I should have few recommendations for the application based on my previous experiences. Also, my past work routes allowed me to work on multiple high profile projects such as QualityTrade, Macquarie Telecom involved from full stack development to extending features on already existing systems.

I take my pride in excelling at work efficiency, problem solving skills, consulting and ability to meet the projects deadline without degrading the time management. I am proficiency in PHP5, CSS3, HTML5, jquery, angularjs, laravel and codeigniter.

Thank you for your consideration and hope that I can work with you on this exciting project.

Estimated 720 hours