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I live in Australia and have a concept for a business that requires a fantasy map.

I need someone to create one but it has to be specific to its content but the design needs to be very eye catching, almost like a treasure map but with a more real feel to it through photoshop effects.

It needs to really look the part rather than a line map.

I will need to discuss this with you before I decide to go ahead but briefly it will be turned into an interactive website.

I have seen a website "cartographers Guild" and one cartographer did this.

This is about what I am looking for with some fantasy additions added to it as follows but needs to be more a map where you can see tracks, buildings and close up images enough to show the whole map as a mini region and not a country map.

I am looking for specific details embracing real look and fantasy where there are 6 tracks. I can provide a basic drawing of what I am after to give you some foundation thoughts.

Here is the page with images that have the sort of look I am after.

Let me know



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