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I need a lot of detail in most of the illustrations as the book is in a "I spy with my little eye" type format. (Not too complicated though as the book is aimed at preschoolers.) Book cover and 24 pages of illustrations required (some will be double spreads). Illustration to be provided in the correct electronic format.

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Bidding guide $250 - $750
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Your requirements are straight forward and we definitely are able to provide you what you are looking for. We have experts of Illustrator and 4 years experience of Graphic Designers. They have designed almost 1000 of Graphics Designs which are getting used in various brands all over the world.

Deliver in 7 days
Seth Parker

HI, my name Leo Parker and Moving forward, I can dedicate 15 hours/week to your company, and my daily hours are negotiable. I’m very excited to assist you in making your blog successful – please feel free to contact me directly to discuss this position further.

Deliver in 6 days

I am a professional artist, skilled in all styles of illustration. I have experience with illustration books, comic books, storyboards, concept art and graphic design. I always satisfy my customers as well as the book readers. I know exactly what my client needs because I work through interactive communication. You can find my portfolio in any social media, I use the name “@Olmopunk” on Behance, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter... I invite you to visit my gallery. I am ready for this project. Looking forward to hear from you, thank you.

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Estimated 230 hours
Natalie Simonetti

Hello! My name is Natalie Simonetti I'm an aspiring young artist with a number of works under my belt already. My work is varied, from realistic to cartoony and charming, as well as having a wide range of mediums from 3D work to more traditional pieces. I feel like I would do a wonderful job on your storybook as I also aspire to create a storybook of my own, even going as far to make concept work and such. Feel free to have a look at all my links and ask me any questions or concerns you may have, I like to work closely with my clients to ensure the best product is achieved in the end.

Have a lovely afternoon and kind regards, Natalie Simonetti

Estimated 550 hours
Faezeh Kheiri

Hi Sulene, Your description is well detailed therefore I would like to know more about your vision. Do you have any specific style or medium in your mind? Does the project has a deadline? Thanks

Hi, can you please give a bit more details. I am illustrator using watercolor and pencils and I like spy books, pre schoolers I work with also love them. Thanks

Eggshell Studio

Hi Sulene,

I notice your bidding guide is pretty low, is that guide per page?

Cheers, Julia