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Jaja Connect Pty Ltd is a company which has grown out of Rollercoaster Digital Pty Ltd, to manage the development and deployment of our flagship software, Jaja Connect. Jaja Connect is currently available on the for iOS on the App Store and for Android on the Play Store. Jaja Connect is a tool to aid professionals in connecting. The user can collect all of their sharable information including business cards and social networks in their profile, and share it with another user in a simple action.

This Project

We are making incremental improvements to Jaja Connect. Recently we have identified that the system used to store user’s personal and business details can be improved. Currently, we store the user’s various fields as discrete, named fields (for instance, Business Phone Number, Mobile Number). We wish to modify the behaviour of the app to allow users to add a field (phone number) and then attach a label to that field. The label may be selected from a predefined list, or entered as custom text. This behaviour is more in line with user expectations and similar address book functionality on both iOS and Android. While making this change, we would also like to integrate the libphonenumber library into our apps to resolve some phone number entry issues.

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Jarrett P.
Joined Dec 2016
Submitted 19 Apr 2017 at 00:46
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[Deleted user]

Hi Jarrett,

I am interested to help you add new field on you existing app and integrate libphonenumber library. I have expertise building iOS and Android app and can provide you what you require.

I look forward hearing from you so that we can discuss in more details about the project and start working soon.

Best regards, Nabin

Estimated 20 hours

Hi there,

I am happy to assist with you with this project, please pm me your details we will discuss further.


Deliver in 60 days
Whitetower Digital

Hi there, would love to discuss this opportunity further with you to determine your exact requirements and how we can work together to proceed with this project. Contact me on if you'd like to discuss it further.

Estimated 80 hours

Hi Jarrett,

is this requirement still open, are you still inviting applications and proposals ?

I have total 12 years track record in IT services & 7 years in App/Web Development + Graphics/Web Designing side, i can email you my portfolio and credentials if this project is still open.

Regards, Prashant A MyCompanyApp