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i require a good .Net programmer to do parsing work on 8 online sportsbooks. i will provide the current url and detailed instruction on navigating through the site to the data i require. one book as a trial to start with , if the work is as required and the hours taken is satisfactory ( we have ourselves already done the same work on 22 other sportsbooks` , we have a very good idea of the work / hours involved ) then the other 7 will proceed . there may also be additional work in converting our existing program , in VB6 to .Net. please note only .Net is acceptable , thank you don ( it is an hourly rate i require at this time )

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Wayne Thompson

Hi Don

I'm a developer with 15 years on the Microsoft stack. I originally started using classic vb6 and classic asp.

Your requirements for "parsing work" is a little bit vague. It sounds like you want to scrape content off an existing website. I've done this previously in .net using an existing library.

I'm currently on the NSW central coast and can start any time.



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[Deleted user]

Hi Don,

I'm interested to discuss this job with you further. Please check my profile to see if matched with your requirements.

Cheers, Minh

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[Deleted user]

Hi best dev you can ever seen here.

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Matthew Dally


I have experience in both VB6 and .Net. I currently use Visual Studio 2013 and can develop the application you require in C# or any other web-based language.

I would be interested in helping out where I can, even if it is in just converting the VB6 work into .Net.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Matt Dally

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Estimated 5 hours
Victory iSolutions

Do you have any specs so that I can review and go through..


hi yes i do , but someone has to find the time to re-write them , they are for VB6 stuff , can you tell me your hourly rate please , it is an hourly job? we know from past experience ( we have already done this work of 22 books ) that the time for one sport for one book is 4/5 hours . detailed instruction on navigating through the various sites will be provided , a lot of time can be was7ed if you are not familiar with these sites , quite confusing , thanks don


How many hours are you expecting to spend on one(1) book? Can you show a sample of what you are trying to achieve?


hi thanks for the reply , we have done this exact work on 22 other sportsbooks we are currently scanning , we know the time for one sport for one book is 4/5 hours , can you please advise your hourly rate as i will have to be an hourly rate job ? please bear in mind you will get detailed instructions on how to get to the data required , the sportsbook sites can be very complex / confusing if you do not know where to go,and we will provide instructions of what you need to gather , a little problem we have at present , the instructions we have are for VB6 , someone has to find the time to re-write them ( i assume , not a programmer me , only the bill payer )thanks don