Jupiter Mobile

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Freelance / Casual

We are looking for someone with experience developing Xamarin mobile apps to develop an Android and iOS app called Jupiter Mobile that will be a client application to our Jupiter Server product.


Jupiter Server is a .NET WCF Server that runs as a Windows Service (no IIS involved) acting as an API Aggregator for ITPortal, Naverisk, RangerMSP and Webroot. Jupiter Mobile will be built with Xamarin and communicate via WCF with Jupiter Server. The first version of Jupiter Mobile will support adding, editing and closing RangerMSP Tickets.

http://www.rangermsp.com/ http://www.rangermsp.com/products/dentaur-jupiter-server-support-for-rangermsp/

Future versions on our roadmap for Jupiter Mobile will support the rest of RangerMSP and the other platforms that Jupiter Server currently supports.

Specifically we are looking for someone located in Melbourne or Regional Victoria.

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Andrew D.
Joined Oct 2020

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Submitted 29 Oct 2020 at 07:18
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Depowersoft Pty Ltd

will you consider using webview on andriod and ios?

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