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NOTE: This is not a complete description. Full disclosure and tour of the total development and requirements will be given during initial interview for the job, so an applicant must be set up for Google Hangouts for a video interview and tour of the development. Looking to go to Skype or some other platform wont cut it as G-Suite apps have been chosen as the owner's preferred CRM platform.

DETAILS: Real Estate Digital Sales (REDS) requires a locally based (preferably in Adelaide, SA) Laravel Developer to complete our SaaS component of our overall project. REDS operates both a CMS (WP) blog www.GoReds.Today and a SaaS support platform -, both of which work together as sister platforms to Empower all real estate role players in a new For Sale By Owner system, and will be supported by a world wide army of affiliates - the REDS ARMY.

The current senior developer, who has taken the project to this point in time, now has limited time to complete the project due to other commitments. However it must be noted that due to the good relationship, at anytime the current senior developer may either resume some of the work, or abdicate their position completely. This is unknown at this time. In any case, if an applicant is hired to perform certain tasks you wil be retained for ongoing work, or may inherit the project in it's entirity, as it is my intention to bring the development back to Australia, as it is outsourced O.S.

REDS intends to initiate a soft launch for earlest adopter affiliates in a REDS ARMY recruitment drive campaign by Sept 20th, 2017, followed by another early adopter recruitment drive on Nov 1, 2017, and finally a complete and final world wide complete public launch in early Jan 2018. Both early adopter compaigns will generate substantial revenues of which a large percentage will be directed towards the deeper development and enhancement of the SaaS in the first instance, and the CMS as required.

REDS incorporates 7 main Role Player roles, each with their own specific requirements.

  2. RENTOR (Landlord)
  3. BUYER
  5. SERVICE (Provider - of which there will be numerous sub-roles)

The main role player is of course the real estate property SELLER Role, of which some 98-99% has been completed. This role will require some further coding work to ensure the proper performance of the remaining functions in the role (1-2%). Eg: short url generation and redirection to specific pages of client Web Apps, and a few other small functions.

One can gather from this that a SELLER enters the SaaS and creates their own listing and Web App from within the dashboard. All of this is in place and functioning well except for a few small fixes that are need. Once completed this pipeline can be cloned and tweaked for each of the other roles.

The next role that must be completed in a timely manner for the above release dates is the SERVICE Provider role (100%). Full graphic specs on the required tweaks are available at the interview and video tour.

Following that the REDS ARMY Affiliate Role needs to be completed (10%).

There will also be required some MYSQL database and search function work to bring these up to standard, with later enhancements.

Any prospective developer interested in this project must be experienced and able enough to jump right in and show me what you got and that you can deliver the goods. There will be no hand holding of wann-be's

Serious applicants only thanks!

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