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You will need a Pro Account with LinkedIn.

You will need to obtain names and related information for over 200,000 entries from all Australian business people from LinkedIn and perform Data Scraping.

The Australian Industries/businesses you need to capture are:

Removalists and Storage - Keywords - Furniture Removalists – Removalists and Storage – Furniture Storage – Storage facilities – furniture storage units

Buyers Agents - Keywords - Buyers Agents – Buyers Advocate

Depreciation - Keywords - Depreciation, Tax Depreciation

Conveyancing - Keywords - Conveyancer - Conveyancing

Mortgage Brokers - Keywords - Finance Broker, Mortgage Broker, Home Loans

Valuer - Keywords - Property Valuer

Pest Control - Keywords - Pest Inspection, Pest Inspector, Termite Inspection, Termite Inspectors, Pest Control, Termite Control

Building Inspections - Keywords - Building Inspection, Building Inspectors

Property Insurance - Keywords - Property Insurance Broker, Landlord Insurance Broker

Surveyor - Keywords - Property Surveyor

Rubbish Removal - keywords - Rubbish Removal, Wastebins, Skip Bins

Landscape - Keywords - Landscape gardener, Garden Maintenance

Carpet Cleaners - Keywords - Carpet Cleaners,

Painters - Keywords - Painters

Energy Connection - Utility Connection, Energy Connection

You must get the information for all of these fields and enter them in Excel. A Seperate Excel file should be used for each Industry, Business/ Classification.

First Name, Last Name, Suburb/City, Company Name, Job Title, LinkedIn Profile Link, Company Website, Contact Number and Email Address.

It is very Important to capture Name, Email Address and LinkedIn Profile Link.

You need to check for duplicates/copies of entries. These will not be accepted and will affect job satisfaction and final payment as this will cost us time and money cleaning this up. Make sure that you agree to the price and time frame before providing a commitment. If you attempt to change pricing or time after you have been accepted, the job will be cancelled and we will report you to Freelancer and post a negative review.

If you agree to take on the job and do not comply with my Terms and Conditions, I will report you and withhold payment.

If you are Interested please write " I understand and accept" in your proposal so that I can understand that you read and agree to my Terms and Condition

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This is completely research.Can be completed within 5 days

Deliver in 5 days

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