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Hello, Our business is called Fintech Force. We are a sales channel business that sells utilities to the mass market (In particular we sell Energy Products - Electricity & Gas). Our current contract is with a locally born and bred Energy Company - 1st Energy. Whilst Fintech Force employs sales staff interstate, we have launched a small team (of two sales agents) here on the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia). Ironically, the two Directors that started 1st Energy where brought up here right on the Mornington Peninsula.
Given the COVID-19 Crisis has put a hold on our usual means of sales - "door-to-door", we want to create a Company Logo and Brochure / Flyer design (for the purposes of a letterbox drop/direct marketing campaign in the local area to prompt residents to contact our sales team directly to entice local residents to switch their energy supplier to a locally born and bred energy company. The marketing will be branded under the banner of "Fintech Force" (the sales channel) but needs to resonate with the local market. (The demographic of this area - Moprnington Peninsula is very loyal & proud. The logo and brochure/flyer design needs to emphasise this.

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l am a senior graphic and website designer with over 15 years experience. l have designed everything from logos, brochures, posters, signage, books to website design and inplementation.

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I'd love to help bring your brand to life. I've worked with a number of energy/fintech companies and would love to help yours as well.

I can assist with:

  • logo
  • branding
  • web

My offer: 3 concepts with 2 rounds of changes. All files and formats Business Card design (2 round of changes). Letterhead design With Compliments design Style Guide (Brand Identity) - 2 page 1x brochure design

Deliver in 14 days