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Looking for someone to build emails in Mailchimp for our online businesses

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Rick P.
Joined Sep 2020
Submitted 9 Sep 2020 at 04:32
Expired 3 years ago
Bidding guide $30 - $250
Average bid $63.33

Jeremiah Flickinger

Hi Rick,

I am very familiar with MailChimp. I have used Mailchimp in a number of previous roles, including as the Head of Marketing at Blackbaud Pacific. I am currently run my own start-up ( and use Mailchimp for my own email marketing campaigns.

I am taking on some contract work to help fund my startup. I am keen to get a good references to help with bidding on future jobs. I'd be happy to take on this work at a very agreeable rate.

I am not sure how many emails you need setup. I am basing my rate estimate on one email and assuming no requirements for dynamic fields or list management. I am of course happy to help with those things but didn't include them in the estimate as I don't have enough information in the bid details to do so accurately.

Cheers, Jeremiah

Estimated 2 hours
Joseph Fernando

Hi Rick,

I have extensive experience with Mailchimp, creating email designs, managing audience lists, developing & scheduling email campaigns for non-profit organisations. I'm new to OzLance hence am flexible in terms of my hourly rate and the work duration. My focus is to complete the job and present a high-quality outcome as quickly as humanly possible.

Please let me know your expectation so we could discuss from there. I have just mentioned the rate for one basic email campaign.

Thanks for your time & consideration.

Estimated 2 hours

Hello Rick,

Greetings from digitalrooar!

Our website URL is

We can assist you creating mails in MaillChimp.

Lets connect , you can contact me at

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