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I am running for parliament at the next federal elections in Australia. I am running in my local seat Sturt in South Australia, which is a safe seat held by the Liberal Party of Australia. I am representing a new party called TNL (The New Liberals). We are a socially progressive, forward looking party running as a true liberal party in safe Liberal seats to get rid of this moronic and evil LNP government. We are not conservatives like the misnamed Liberal Party of Australia.

We don't have the backing from big business that both Labor and the LNP have because we don't want to do the will of big business and just govern for them. As such, I am doing a chuffed fundraiser for my campaign. Its been going a few weeks. I have made a good start but it takes up quite a bit of time.

I need someone to manage it my crowd funding campaign for me until the end of February and get it really rocking along. We can review it then.I would prefer someone who has a strong social media network they can use and I will give them whatever access they need to my account. A presence across multiple networks - Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter particularly would be preferred. It would also be an advantage, but not essential, they were in Adelaide. As we are a progressive, moderate party, someone who thinks their friends would be interested in progressive politics would be an advantage.

I need someone to promote it via my and their networks, massage and rewrite the copy if necessary and come up with ideas and plans to promote it and grow it. If comments could be posted daily on the crowd funding campaign that would be great.

I want a bid from 7th February until 28 Feb. I am re-making the video to go with it separately.

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Chris S.
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Mahad Afzal

Running your business may be a full-time job. Everybody is aware of they have to get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and alternative social media platforms. That is where you target audience. And that is where you would like to be if you are to attach and grow prospects for your complete.

I will be able to assist you deliver the good and formidable social media presence and promote your brand by making professionally crafted posts and appropriate for the expansion of your business and designed to assist you again additional attention fast.

What can I do for you:

Design the best social media posts. I can rewrite the content on which you are working. Best and Golden Hashtags. Caption for each post. Help you to grow profiles organically through posting. Daily posting Account Setup Competitor keyword research. Brand Awareness.

I will manage following platforms:

Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube

Let's bring your Social Media Marketing to the next level!

Feel free to contact me. We can do this together!


Mahad Afzal

Deliver in 15 days
Orange Elephants Creative Minds

Hi Chris,

There are exciting times ahead for you.

I currently reside in Queensland but have resided in South Australia. My adult daughter is still in S.A living just outside of Mt Gambier.

I am a qualified writing consultant who has been working in the industry for 14 years. My work has included managing Go Fund Me pages and social media platforms for self-publishing authors.

I have browsed the website of The New Liberals and love what you stand for. I would love to be able to help spread the word.

I have bid my hourly rate as this allows us to discuss your needs, put a work plan into place and work around your budget. OzLance requires I include hours. The hours placed are just a number. This is negotiable with yourself.

I look forward to chatting.

Estimated 25 hours