Market Research on Australian Teachers

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We're looking for someone to help us gain insight into our target audience of Australian math and science teachers in secondary and primary schools. Our audience includes private and public schools. Some example questions we are looking to answer are...

What online resources are teachers using in the classroom now (looking for 5-10 resources for math and science)?

Who are the decision makers regarding educational software in the classroom (site level - principal, curriculum, etc)?

What are the best ways to reach these educators - digital, posting, print, maybe a fruit basket? We'd like it broken down by level/title.

Are there certain math/science terms or learning objectives that are critical in the classroom? Any hurdles they are facing in the school; i.e., low funding, large classes, lack of support in the classroom?

We'd like to know the prominent social channels used by the audience? What sites teachers/districts use? Why they use certain sites? What are the top online sites/resources that educators use?

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Mercury Duck

Hi there, are you still running this project? If so, I can definitely help you!