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Perth, WA, Australia
Freelance / Casual

A marketing assistant is required to provide ad-hoc support to the CEO of a recently established professional services firm based in Perth while the business grows. Mostly the role can be done virtually but some activities will need to be done in person. Examples include some customer management functions such as organising and staffing conference exhibition booths. Consequently excellent personal presentation is essential. The successful candidate must have strong MS Office skills, especially Powerpoint and Excel. Skills with Adobe suite and Corel Paintshop Pro would also be useful. Marketing support functions will include social media (LinkedIn) and website updating, brochure development, report and image editing, customer outreach and support, etc. Excellent written and verbal English skills (must have English as a first language) are essential as assistance will need to be provided with writing media/blog articles, conference papers, and so on. The role is very flexible and the part-time hours (maximum 20 hours per week) will typically vary from week to week depending on work commitments. The role would ideally suit an experienced professional such as a freelance mum looking for part-time work or a university marketing student that is awesome and looking to build their resume. This part-time support role has a bit of everything in it so if variety is something you like then this could be the job for you. Please only apply if you reside in Perth and can provide high quality local support. A track record in PR, digital and physical marketing, freelance writing, and communications are core elements that are being sought. Applications will preferably provide a link to their LinkedIn profile that describes their skills and work history and other professional affiliations.

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Peter D.
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Hi Peter, Just wondering whether the incumbent would be required to work from your office from time to time, and if so, where is the office located?

Peter D.

We use a virtual network and do not operate a traditional bricks and mortar office model. Therefore there is no requirement to work from our office. There is a need to provide a physical presence at some events and to hold some off-site meetings.

Miss Bianca Bart

Hello Peter! Could you please email me at as the platform is not allowing me to apply (it's playing up).

Here is a link to my LinkedIn, but would prefer to talk about my experience, and other requirements confidentially.

Thanks very much!


Peter D.

Email me applications at