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I am seeking a mechanical engineer to assist with the completion of a new off-road motorcycle helmet. The design incorporates a new safety-design philosophy, as well as materials used.

To-date everything has been made by hand so transitioning it into CAD to further optimise the design is required.

FEA will be necessary as well as crash simulation animation. Animation can be done by someone else if this is not a strong competency.

Analysis will include not only crash simulation (kinetic friction) but also aerodynamics and ventilation to reduce fatigue and wind noise.

Modelling will cover a range of sizes from children to adult sizes, enabling individual tooling for each size.

Four different types of helmets covering 4 different disciplines are envisioned, where three are adapted versions of the original.

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Paul D.
Joined Nov 2018
Submitted 1 Nov 2018 at 00:51
Expired 5 years ago

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I am Mechanical Engineer and would love to get on this project . I have 5 star rating on my modelling and simulation projects on fiverr. Just let me know Is it necessory to do all of this on CAD why not Solid works? you can do design or crash simulation seperately. Cheers.

Paul D.

Hi James,

I don't have a preference for which software to use to conduct the simulations, so Solidworks would be fine.

IT Services

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Paul D.

Hi James,

If you would like to apply then I would suggest you use the Applicant section rather than the Public Questions section. Please provide some explanation that relates to my project specifically.

I would also suggest you spell check your application as well as update your profile with all your skills and experience etc.