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We are a dynamic group of concerned residents in Kilcoy, a small rural town 1 hour North West of Brisbane.

A multinational corporation has lodged a development application to create the world's largest solar farm in an idyllic rural location beside a scenic highway. It will be greater then 10x the size of the largest solar farm in Australia. The site coverage is 52% which is compatible with urban development zones.

We are not antisolar but wish to get the size of the project reduced to less then 15% site coverage which is more in keeping with rural zoning. This would create a compromise which would allow renewable energy facility as well as maintaining the rural character of the land.

We need someone to help launch a media campaign targeting digital and mainstream media platforms to get our message across.

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Anthony C.
Joined Oct 2018
Submitted 19 Oct 2018 at 05:07
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Stan Rastogi

Are there any other details you can share about this campaign? Estimated time you think the campaign will run, number of people on the marketing team, what positions you expect us to fill, etc.

Anthony C.

Thanks for your rely Stan. I am new to this and I submitted this 6 weeks ago but didn’t realise that it would take until yesterday for OzLance to approve and post the ad. Unfortunately, the council have voted on this and so a media campaign is pretty much useless. I will with draw the ad.