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Looking for a skilled Word designer with a high level of skill creating corporate Word documents. VBA/Macro experience not required but is a positive.

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Scott R.
Joined May 2017
Submitted 17 May 2017 at 02:06
Expired 11 months ago

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MyCompanyApp (SNAP Franchising limited) Australia

Hi Scott,

Can you please explain your requirement in more detail, whats the exact task to be performed ? can you email me a sample of any Corporate Word Document that you got developed lastly to understand clear picture of your requirement.

I have been preparing Scope & Flow Documents as well as Functional Clickable Prototypes for projects like Mobile App development, Website development, ERP / CRM Applications development, Business Process Mapping, Product Conceptualization etc etc for last 8 years.

Regards, Prashant A MyCompanyApp


Hello Scott,

If you could post a little more detail on what you require, that would be very helpful. While I have a great deal of experience with MS Word, that experience has varied from developing formats/templates for technical writing roles in corporations and public service departments, to utilising transcription templates and developing macros that quickly reformat a large document and greatly reduce the need to check for inconsistencies. It's difficult to provide you with a precise quote without more detail.