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I am looking to find a back end developer to build a multi vendor marketplace from scratch.

We are looking at either a fully custom built platform or possibly Magento.

An important feature of the site should be incorporating an automated payment system.

Please get in touch for further details.

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Michael Coxon

Hi Zach,

I am an experienced web and back end developer, and have produced many websites and business systems behind them. Let me know if you would like to discuss this further. I would be happy to help.

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Hi Zach, Possible way is to go with NopCommerce shopping platform. It's also open source, supports multi vendor, different payment gateways and much more. It also has a huge community around it. I have years of experience with plugins/customizations on this platform. Will be happy to discuss further. Thank you, Lev

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Hi Zach,

Happy New Year.

Myself Vignesh, I have 12 years of experience in software industry. My strong side is not only written efficient code and design website, I am excellent in source code management, deployment process as well as good experience in Project management. In case of enhancement and maintenance job, I am aware of change management process too.

I can drive project in the proper manner from stretch to end and deliver project/ task within time.

Below are the site (using magento) links which I have implemented.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Many Thanks, Viki

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Vnnovate Solutions Australia

Hi Zach,

Thanks for sharing your requirement on Ozlance.

My team is quite capable of handling such a platform or even use Magento for the purpose of your development.

We are PayPal Integration partners and have had previous experience with Authorize.Net as well as other APIs to integrate automated payments.

At this stage, I would like to discuss further in detail about your requirement to give you a detailed estimate on pricing and time-frame of delivery.

Look forward to speaking to you and discussing details.

Happy to share our portfolio as well as references once we touch base to give you more confidence in our abilities to deliver to your expectations.

Talk to you soon.

Regards, Andy

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Bode Contagion

Good afternoon Zach,

Melbourne based company here. Please send me a private message with details of the project to start discussing your aims and business requirements.

Based on the limited information on this page, we estimate a project time frame of 2-3 months from commencement of development, but we'll need to be in touch to get you a more accurate project proposal/statement of work.

We will make a final decision on tech platform once we have properly digested the requirements, but it'll likely be between Laravel or Magento.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Satoshi Payne Founder & Director @ Bode Contagion Pty Ltd

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Virtual SupportSoft PLC


My name's Jay and I am an 6+ years experienced Magento developer. I would like to discuss further about your project so that I can submit you a detailed quote.

Please let me know whenever you're available for a quick call . It would be great if you could text me your email address so I can send my work samples for your review .

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards Jay 0451657071

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I am a freelance web developer based in Melbourne with over 6 years of experience developing websites. I have been developing websites with Magento in the past 1 year and have gained enough experience to develop a website for your bussines from scratch. I can also develop your website using other PHP frameworks like laravel but I think Magento would be a good choice to go with for your business. I charge on an hourly rate of $24/hour, so depending on the work needed for your website I can give you an overall estimate of the costs involved.

My plan of action for your website would be,

-> Understand your business and identify your requirements/business needs

-> Finalize the key features and functionalities of the website

-> Finalize the template and design/layout of the website

-> Finalize the project milestones and sketch out a time frame for completion

-> Start Development

-> Test and deliver initial prototype for feedback

-> Implement feedback and test again (repeated as many times as necessary)

-> Finish and Deliver the website

Other services that I can offer you

->SEO analytics

->Digital Marketing

At this stage it is hard to estimate the total hours I would need to finish the website(but if it is just a multi vendor site and an automated payment system probably ~140 hours), I will need a bit more info on your business and what you expect from the website. I would like to discuss this project further, let me know if you need any more info from me, I can also give you examples of my previous work if needed. Look forward to hearing you, Thank you.

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Clavax Technologies

Hi Zach,

Trust you are doing well!

As you have mentioned, you are seeking for Backend Developer to build a multi vendor marketplace . We can showcase our core competencies for the same.

I would like to let you know that we provide end-to-end solutions of building Enterprise, CMS development (Joomla), Web/system or Mobile applications, right from designing of UI/UX, front & back-end development, cloud deployment, database modeling and development, Big Data services, IT Support on the project-to-project basis

So, we can surely facilitate a Senior resource for continuous work. I can share some more details if you allow :)

Also thinking to call you for more clarity, Kindly advise when I can call you ?

Kindest Regards, Rohit Prashar Tel: +61 2 8318-7634

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Hi Zach

I've experienced working numerous projects both e-commerce and information websites. Let's have a chat and understand what is it that you are after. Based on that we can identify the technology to use and the path to follow from there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks VA 0434961624

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Hi Zach,

I am not sure I am the best at doing your requirements within your specifications, however I am very experienced PHP develper as well as frontend stack such as vuejs, angular and react. Also expertised in Linux server administration, hosting and optimisation.

I am also have my own offshore team who build and support my client's web site from WP and shopify and majento.

I have built an multi vendor site before, using WP and woocommerce, and using laravel5.4, I am building up large Saas application for my client now, not sure Magento is the best solution. Magento is good but heavy and not quite secure, one it got affected by viruses then it is hard to recover as my previous experiences.

Automated payment system is quite easy in between custom and magento, it is not a big deal.

Btw, if we have a huge budget, you can do custom build with me, and it may take more than 6 months, Medium budget, I recommend Magento or WP. If you have a tight budget, you better go with shopify is no problem, also shopify is quite secure than magento.

Hope this helps and discuss further details if you are interested. I will add up some dummy cost but we can definitely talk about it more.

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Karaa Digital

Hi Zach

I am from Karaa Digital. We are experts in web commerce software development. I am available for quick discussion to progress this opportunity. Feel free to call me on 0402618580.

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Hi Zach, I have built custom multi marketplace software management working with different eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Creating a multi vendor platform would not be too difficult. We can incorporate stripe payment gateway with automated vendor payments. Please provide some more information about the project.

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Forcit Cample

Hi There ,

I have read your requirements . I can do the job for you .

I’ve worked with a lot of great brands and small businesses over the past 8 years. They’ve praised my work as exceptional and reported back great increases in conversion rates and sales after the new website design.

You can check out some of my work on my portfolio at

I have a few ideas on how to approach your job on designing the website. If you’re interested, I’d love to discuss more details.

Kind regards,

Chayan Dutta

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Bilal Abdeen

Recently, I implemented a multi-vendor e-commerce website using Magento. However, it is not, yet, advertised. I am happy to provide you with limited access to check it out.

I am providing a cheap quote because I have done it before and the effort for me won't be huge. However, it is still going to take some time because I do freelance work only as part-time.

Moreover, I am providing this quote with so many assumptions in my mind about the scope. Obviously, we need to discuss the scope in more details. Following are some high-level features, which we need to agree on their inclusion/exclusion from the scope.

The following features are included in the quote. a. URL for each seller b. Seller manages their own orders c. Customer can review sellers

The following features might incur additional cost.

  1. Customer can ask questions to sellers
  2. Cart divided by sellers
  3. Vacation mode for sellers
  4. Split Payment
  5. Support for configurable products
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Cosmic Rhino


I'd be happy to help, at a reasonable price-point, and deliver a handover with e-manual.

Christopher Master of Design Science (2002)

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Trac Envision

Hi Zach,

I am Melbourne based experienced Web & App developer. I have worked on several similar projects including Magento.

Some of the Magento websites that I have worked on are - 1) Jewellery ecommerce - Diamond gold 2) Style up trends

Also I am currently working on a Marketplace website -

Please check the links and get in touch so we can discuss more on your requirements.

Regards, Aadish Email- Mob- 0450733003

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smartData Enterprises

Hi Zach,

With expertise in developing customized multi-vendor marketplace along with automated splits payments (both recurring and once off), we would like to take this discussion to next level.

Please feel free to contact on my number "0406 399 530"

Best Regards, Rahul

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Whitetower Digital

We would love to help you out, however we would need to scope this out fully with you as we've built different types of web applications and custom websites before but they require a few conversations and a discovery workshop.

We like to build our websites using a "MVP" (minimum viable product) build and scale up from there with helping you with other services like SEO, SEM and Social Media for promotional and ROI purposes.

You can reach us on or via our contact form on

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Hi Zach,

I am Brisbane based Application developer. This project seems right up my alley. I have built several ecommerce platforms from scratch and would use similar experience to deliver yours. Please feel free to send me a message so I can give you a tour of the platforms.

One of the live websites we are working on is

Best of luck!


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Voxtel Web

Hi Zach I am a web developer living and working in Sydney. I have expertise in Zencart, Magento etc . I am expert in PHP, JavaScript , HTML , CSS , Ajax ,Laravel etc . With these any kind of web development is possible. I understand multi-vendor marketplace like eBay is not a small project. it would take time and lot of discussions. Magento is a good candidate for multivendor marketplace. Or we can develop software from scratch with Laravel which is a very popular PHP framework

I put the quote as hourly rate but we can settle something else . I am flexible

My plan is as follows

  1. Discuss with you multiple times over phone or Skype to understand the requirements better
  2. Finalize the use cases and send it to you for approval
  3. Create milestones using Agile methodology. We can use Kanban to manage the project.
  4. There will be interim release and unit testing in every 2 weeks . SO that you will not be in dark rather you will be up to date with the progress
  5. If I fall behind the release target analyse with you and take necessary steps
  6. Release testing

Very hard to say the estimated time at this stage probably 2 to 3 months Thanks Rownak

Estimated 480 hours
Australian Custom Software Pty Ltd t/a ThinkSoft

G’day. I have been developing software for over 30 years. There isn’t quite enough information supplied to create a detailed response however, I will provide some details here and there a questions in the public questions area. The estimate of time is incorrect and will be changed based on your responses

My experience covers a wide range of businesses. This project seems well suited to Magento, PayPal /NAB /ANZ integration. I have recently completed the integration of a Magento site with a separate CRM system and then a separate iPad delivery app (for the truck driver). This project was for a Coffee Roaster with a separate front shop selling coffee and machines, supplying multiple restaurants, cafes and sandwich shops.

A custom built system could be built to cover everything you want but will take quite some time to get started, while a Magento installation can be up quickly.

Magento allows you to expand the operations to responsive sites for phones and tablets; expand to custom written delivery apps through the use of the RESTful API sets. I can provide hosting during development and into production in a co-hosted site or a dedicated site in Sydney starting at $5.00 per month, scalable depending on traffic. Or you can obtain separate hosting so that the site can be transferred after development.

The project plan is to fully scope your requirements, understanding the type of sales approaches for each of the vendors. Then determine the best payment collection method and or gateway to be used that is compatible with your banking. Following this would be the content population for each vendor, I.e. details about each vendor and the products. If you have products listed in a spreadsheet r raw file, these can be imported directly into Ye Stock sheets, then the inventory values will be updated.

Finally, if you use Xero or some other cloud accounting package, the integrat between the two will be investigated an if possible /feasible /desirable, it would be actioned.

Further improvements after the initial installation would be integration with email, automation to manage shipping and workflow, then possibly integrate with suppliers to restock your inventory to minimum / average levels. Possible automation with customers for automatic orders could be done.

Having said all that, if your products are unique or have specific details / requirements as part of the process, then a custom site may be better. for example, although you COULD use Magento to cars, it may not be the best choice.

I provide services based on the full requirments, so providing a quote here is not appropriate. Please feel free to contact me at

Estimated 1000 hours

Hi Zach,

Happy New Year.

Myself Vignesh, I have 12 years of experience in software industry. My strong side is not only written efficient code and design website, I am excellent in source code management, deployment process as well as good experience in Project management. In case of enhancement and maintenance job, I am aware of change management process too.

I can drive project in the proper manner from stretch to end and deliver project/ task within time.

Below are the site (using magento) links which I have implemented.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Many Thanks, Viki

Clavax Technologies

Hey Zach,

I'm thinking to call you for more clarity, can I have your direct number/email address please ?

Cheers! Rohit +61 2 83187634


Hi Zach

I would certainly like to discuss your project with you further, to get a better understanding about your requirements and how we can fulfil these. if you can provide some contact details that would be great.

Kind Regards Josh

Australian Custom Software Pty Ltd t/a ThinkSoft

The following questions are relevant to this project;

  1. Is there a limited number of vendors fro the duration of the site? I.e. is this site only for your vendors or is it like Alibaba where new vendors can register and use the site as if it was their own? Or is it to be like eBay, Oztion, Gumtree etc.?

  2. Are there different pay methods to be involved for each vendor?

  3. Should the site contain a blog for each of the vendors?

  4. Is there an external pressure on this project such as a specific deadline enforced by a supplier?

  5. Will the person supplying this information (the domain expert) be constantly available during the business hours in eastern australia

  6. Does the site contain images and videos?